I’m Nesting…

Just kidding.  It’s more like, “I’m happy to say I painted a nest.”

Last night I took a class at My Spirited Art that just opened up here in Knoxville. Since it was their first week, they’ve been doing benefit classes where almost all the proceeds from their class sign ups go towards a local non-profit.  Last night’s class was to support the East Tennessee Community Design Center. Tanner sits on its board and so even though I just really wanted to take a class, I was pumped to be taking a class that benefited something he cares so much about…something we care about.

So anyway…this is the picture we were going to do.


Bird’s Nest


The whole class was full, but I was just really excited that my mom and sister came to do the class too. AND one of my Junior League friends Farima Alavi joined with some of her friends too. It was so much fun!

This is the painting I turned out. (See below and note that the background color–the wall–is the newly painted wall in our living room).  I just hung it there to get the picture taken before I put it in its actual home.


My nest 🙂

Here it is in its real home…our master bathroom.  You can see a small glimpse of our shower curtain so you can see what I was matching it to.

Nest in the bathroom 🙂

The canvas is a little smaller than I thought it was going to be so I’m considering getting a canvas frame to put it in.  I’m also considering that because I am unsure how that kind of paint will do in our bathroom with all that moisture. (Any professionals know anything about that?)  I’m sure AC Moore or Hobby Lobby has some canvas frames.


Here is mom’s.  I love it!


Mom's nest...we three little eggs




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