The Downstairs Walls Are Finished (Well, Two Are!)

The downstairs walls are finished, not all of them, but two are. I really like the way they look, but am still trying to decide if I need another coat on the “hole” wall.

The (finished) short wall.

The (almost finished) "hole" wall. In the background you can see our "barricade fence" to keep Toby from whacking her wagging tail against my wet paint. 🙂 Poor girl.

As you can see, I haven’t taken the tape off yet because I’m not convinced I won’t have to do one more coat on it at some point this weekend.  I was going to wait to get an opinion from Tanner.

After seeing how much better these walls look now, I am so anxious to do the rest of the downstairs.  Most of the walls down there, though they don’t have a great stopping point, are fairly small.  The big project would be the long wall that runs from the living room into the dining room.  Right now, I’m trying to decide if I want to take that on or if I want to try to tackle the kitchen (and pick a darker color to do that in) or if I just want to revel in the fact that the hole is fixed and the walls are painted and we’re on our way.  It’s hard not to get caught up though knowing how much better everything looks with a fresh coat of paint.

I know that, eventually, we are going to have to replace all the floor trim, and I have no idea how we’re going to go about that, but maybe when we pay someone to come in and paint the upstairs hallway and stairwell, we can pay them to do the floor boarding too since we’ll have all the paint for those rooms in the garage.  (Fingers crossed).  I know we have plenty of time to do it all, but the change is really nice and I can’t wait for the whole house to get there.  I can’t help it.


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