I’ve Got Two Birds

Back from my class and I’m pretty freaking impressed with my picture.  I must say, having done a class three different times…it’s pretty awesome no matter how you go about it. The class I took in Atlanta had probably 70 people in it.  It was fun and goofy and silly and cool.  The class I took for the Design Center last week had about 60 people in it and it was a great class with lots of fun and food and silliness, but a great painting that resulted.  Today, the class only had FIVE people in it.  I figured they would cancel it, but it was awesome.  Not feeling well, it was actually very zen to do the painting.

The “Two Birds” were a little more difficult than a nest with eggs in it or a “jazzy” Eiffel Tower, but it was so calming to sit and be walked through a painting that was calming to look at, but also one that required quite a bit of shadowing and “finger painting” and all that.  It was pretty much awesome.  Also, because I took the class by myself (in that I didn’t know anyone else there) it was kind of liberating…sort of like having a meal alone at a restaurant.  I was just kind of in my own little zone and doing my own little thing.

So, having said all that…I have to say, I haven’t taken a class at this place that I haven’t liked.  With lots of people or alone, with lots of alcohol or none, with a jazzy painting to a more calming one…it’s just been fun and totally cool.

Here is what I started with…(I mean I started with a blank canvas, but this was after our first “drying” break).

The Completed Background

Then this is what it looked like when I was done…after the “two birds” were painted…

My Two Birds.

And this is what it looks like in our bedroom…I’m loving it.

What do you think?

So what I’m basically saying is that if you haven’t taken one of these classes, you should find a painting that interests you and email them and ask them to do it.  If it isn’t on the calendar yet, you can just send them an email and say, “Hey! I haven’t taken a class yet, but I’m super interested.  I love the (fill in the blank) painting and would love to do it.”  Pretty likely they’ll email you back and ask when you can do it and try to make it work so that it gets on the schedule in the next few weeks.  I would totally do it soon, because it’s awesome!

Check out the calendar for My Spirited Art and find a class that you want to do.  You won’t regret it. 🙂


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