The Stockings Are Hung…

Well, they’re almost hung.

As you may have read earlier, Tanner is in need of a stocking to hang by my mother’s chimney with care.  We’re hoping that St. Nicholas soon will be there!

This is what our stockings look like:

We Three Stockings on the Mantle

My grandmother (Grandmother Taylor) made these for us.  I have always loved them because they were homemade, but never really thought about how tedious it would be to duplicate one.  We’ve always just taken care of them with hot glue and sequins (for when they start to come off).  Well, as Tanner is part of the family now, I thought he needed a stocking that matched the rest of ours.  So, I took on the project.

I went home last week to get my stocking out of the attic so I could use it as a pattern.  I went to AC Moore yesterday to buy materials to make the stocking…basically a lot of felt (look out!) and gold ribbon. Hold your horses…pictures are certainly coming!

Step One: Cut the stocking.

This is what it looked like to start.  Just a plain red stocking made of felt (look out!).  Next I started adding the little pieces of Christmas-y stuff to make Tanner’s stocking awesome.

Step Two: Make a Toby-girl.

This is the little brown dog I made for Tanner’s stocking.  As you all know, he loves his little girl and so I thought it was only fitting that a felt (look out!) Toby-girl made it onto Tanner’s stocking to be forever a part of our Christmas traditions.

Step Three: Add presents.

You can see it all coming together now…I made some tiny little presents to put on his stocking so that it would better match mine and mom’s and Katie’s.

Step Three: Christmas-ify it!

Above is the (basically) finished project.  I still have to sew it together and then attach the gold trim that is on the rest of our stockings.  Unfortunately, Tanner’s name is too big, so I’m going back to AC Moore to get different felt (look out!) to try to do his name again.  If it doesn’t turn out any better, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

Here are our stockings together.  I’ll update this post with another picture once his is totally done.

Not too shabby huh?


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One response to “The Stockings Are Hung…

  1. Kathy Taylor

    what’s with all the ‘Look outs”? You confuse me, but the stocking looks GREAT!

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