Our First Shower Was A (HUGE) Success

We’re home now and basking in all the love and support we got from friends and family in Kingsport today.  We had our first shower today and it was so much fun.  Even more than all the great stuff we got, we were wholly overwhelmed by how many of Tanner’s family came out and we just couldn’t believe how much trouble they all went to.

It was hosted at Debi Johnson’s house by Anita Walton, Janice Brooks and Gayle Whitson (cousin’s of Tanner’s dad’s). Here is the invitation they sent out.  It was so cute and went EXACTLY with our theme colors.

Our wonderful shower hosts (L to R: Janice, me, Anita, Gayle and Debi)!



Shower Invitation

Here is a picture of the food set up:



Table Scape at the Shower


The centerpiece was a cute silver tree with purple, silver, white and black decorations. PLUS, Debi had had some of our engagement pictures printed onto photo paper and made them into Christmas ornaments for us to take home and put on our tree.  The cake has a purple shoe on it to match mine (apparently there is a funny story about an ACTUAL 3-D shoe being made to match my shoes but turning out, instead, like an awful orthopedic shoe…but I think this cake turned out beautifully).  There were wonderfully delicious homemade mints (located in the middle right hand side of the picture above).  It was beautiful.

Here is a close up of the tree with our pictures on it:


So cute!


Even the punch was purple.


Grape soda with pineapple sherbet in it. Topped with purple pansies to make it ultra festive.


Here is Tanner and me with our beautiful table!

This is us with all of our gifts.  We couldn’t believe how many were there!


So many things from our wonderful family! (Aren’t Debi’s Christmas decorations wonderful?!)

I felt so lucky to have both my mother and future mother-in-law there.


L to R: My mom (Kathy Taylor), me and Tanner’s Mom/My future mother-in-law (Silvia Harris).


Everyone did such a wonderful job with the shower and I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank the men behind these women.  Debi said that Rob was such a big help in getting their house all decorated for Christmas.  It was so nicely done and everything was so cozy, warm and festive.  So, I’m so glad that he was there to help her because everything looked amazing.  And Eddie was there too.  So nice to have him there and I know that Tanner appreciated both of them being there as well.  Not to mention that cousin John and his wife Jennifer–bless her heart on crutches and with a 10 page paper due tomorrow no less–stopped by for a bit as well.  It was all just wonderful and Tanner and I felt truly blessed.

Luckily, we’ll get to see a lot of the family again soon when we go to Kingsport for Christmas Eve.  Martha came all the way from Knoxville, Kathy, Connie, Megan, Sarah and Lea came, plus some neighbors and teacher friends of Silvia’s, Hayley and her sister Ainslie (who I hadn’t met before) were there too.  Hayley is so adorably pregnant and so tiny.  She’s due with another baby girl (to be named Harper) just FIVE DAYS after our wedding!  There were others there too, too many to name…but we were so blessed that everyone came to show their love and support for us and our marriage.  With so many people cheering us on, we get more excited every day for what is to come!

We got some amazing gifts and some awesome recipes.  Surprisingly we were even able to get almost everything put away as soon as we got home.  Now, I can’t lie…I’ll certainly have to do some rearranging, but just about everything found a home tonight, so that’s a good start. 🙂

We have a few more showers in the next couple months, but this was a wonderful start to our wedding celebrations.  We’re just 90 days away today and it seems like it will go by so fast.  Hopefully I can keep things organized enough that we will get everything done in time.  Fingers crossed!




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2 responses to “Our First Shower Was A (HUGE) Success

  1. mikehenry86

    Man this is exciting! Can’t wait to catch up come Christmastime! Great to see/read that you’re rocking out in style! Cheers to Tanner & Abbey!

  2. April

    when you have time I would LOVE to see the list of what all you got!! Im so happy for you all I could bust!! Love and kisses!!!!

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