He Giveth and Taketh Away (and Giveth AGAIN!)

So, these past few weeks have been a bit stressful with the wedding planning.  Not too terribly stressful, but more stressful than it has been up until now.

Let me fill you in…

We had been having some trouble with our honeymoon though Tanner’s parents graciously gave us a week of their timeshare to use to book something.  We were pretty calm, but as we got closer and closer to our wedding date, we began to worry that nothing was going to open up with the exchange.  Worrying about booking flights and making after-wedding arrangements, we began to evaluate other options.  Thankfully, though we didn’t exchange the timeshare week, we were able to use his parent’s membership in the timeshare to book a HUGELY discounted trip to St. Kitts and Nevis.  We debated it for a little bit, but decided to book it last Friday before we left for Asheville.  We were so relieved to finally have something booked so that we could start looking for flights and making our arrangements.

We are staying at the Marriott in St. Kitts.  Doesn’t it just look amazing?!

St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Casino

St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Casino

Here’s the view of the beach from the pool.  I can already see us on the beach!

View from Pool

Here’s a map of the island.

It kind of looks like a turkey leg!

Here’s a map of the Caribbean so you can get your bearings.  St. Kitts is basically right in the middle of the map.

Can you see St. Kitts?

Right now the weather is 75! For your convenience, here is a link to the weather channel so you can check it as often as you want!

So, after all that, I checked a couple boxes off our to do list.  We left for Asheville (after stopping at Borders to pick up a Frommer’s book on the Caribbean) feeling pretty good.  We searched flights on my phone for a little bit to get an idea of what it would cost and then decided to worry about it on our way home or early the next week.  With the snow and the kind of iffy drive back, we weren’t thinking much about our wedding planning until I received a text message from my Matron of Honor April Clifton with the following photo:

Headline: Thanks for the memories...Downtown dining landmark Regas Restaurant to close at year's end.

Thus the title of this post…He Giveth (our honeymoon) and Taketh Away (our rehearsal dinner site and uber-meaningful restaurant).

Most of you know, if you’ve been reading religiously or if you know us at all, that Tanner proposed to me at Regas.  If you know me, you know how much that meant to me because it was the same restaurant where I had spent a couple of wonderful birthday dinners with Pop.  I remember eating there with him, trying the FAMOUS clam chowder and eating red velvet cake.  I also remember eating with him at Grady’s (used to be where PF Changs is now on Kingston Pike–right across the street from the church we’re getting married in) and having the Grady’s Goodtimes Chocolate Bar Cake.  What I remember most about that cake was that we got so distracted eating it that we left the restaurant without the children’s placemat I had colored for Pop.  I was so upset about it that we went back to get it, but, of course, it had been thrown away. So because he was so amazing and such a wonderful grandfather, he bought me ANOTHER piece of Grady’s Goodtimes Chocolate Bar Cake and sat with me while I ate ALL OF IT and colored him another picture.  Believe it or not, I still have that picture I colored him.  When he died, I found it in a drawer with all the cards and poems his grandchildren have written him over the years.  Also in that stash of cards was a news clipping that he thought was HILARIOUS…some of you may remember it…”Clinton Licks Beavers” (which is funny for several reasons, the least of which is not the Clinton/Lewinski scandal, but also that my cousins went to Karns and my sister and I went to Clinton.  So, there you have it…this is why Regas and the menu selection were so important to me.

Recap: Regas–where I had several wonderful birthday dinner’s with my favorite person IN THE WORLD and where I got engaged to the LOVE OF MY LIFE. Grady’s Goodtimes Chocolate Bar Cake: Cake I shared with my favorite person IN THE WORLD.

To read the wonderfully, emotionally charged article that was printed in the paper above, click here.  More information about that closing can be found here, but the story is the same…this monumental restaurant that served as a “special occasion” dining location for many will be no more.  Tanner joked with me that we avoided picking a couple of venues for our rehearsal dinner because we were worried they would go out of business before it came time for us to celebrate.  We felt for certain that a business that had been in service for 91 years would still be around for our wedding (now only 80 days away).  Here is the restaurant’s blog.

So, as devastated as we were, this was just another hitch in our planning.  Knowing that “He Taketh Away” our rehearsal dinner site, we decided it might be a good time to try to buy our plane tickets.  Luckily, “He Giveth” again and we booked our flight last night.  So, we are officially on our way (sort of) to our honeymoon.  I also booked our wedding night accommodations at the airport Hilton to be on the safe side.

I am meeting tomorrow with someone about hopefully hosting our rehearsal dinner, but don’t want to blab it until I’m for sure it’s going to go through.  Hopefully, tomorrow at 10 a.m. I will have signed a contract and worked out a menu and we will be right back where we started (or where we were before he started “takething away” :)).

At any rate, we are so lucky to be able to keep each other calm and level-headed when things like this come up.  The important thing is that we’re going to be wherever we’re going together celebrating that we just got MARRIED!  So as long as we can keep that the center of our focus, we’ll be just fine.

Here’s a picture of us from our trip to Asheville just for kicks.  I may do a post later about the trip, but we’ll see. It’s kind of dark, but still cute.

Winter Love



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2 responses to “He Giveth and Taketh Away (and Giveth AGAIN!)

  1. Kathy Taylor

    The rehearsal dinner will be wonderful and lots of fun wherever you have it. And Pop will be watching you !

  2. mikehenry86

    St. Kitts and Nevis!


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