We Picked Out Our Wedding Bands

While I know you are all anxiously awaiting a post about the tri-Christmas festivities…I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around everything yet. I am working on a post and will put it up when I get it complete (with pictures) and organized. Hopefully by the end of the week.

But, until then, I will tell you about the wedding band shopping. Before today, we did a little bit of scouting at Markman’s, but quickly realized we needed to be a little more organized and do a little more research.

I found what I wanted pretty quickly (you have already seen the picture), but needed to make sure by trying on a couple other options.

Tanner, on the other hand, had NO idea what he wanted outside of THINKING he wanted titanium because he liked the color. When we found out that you couldn’t size or cut titanium and that, God forbid, if something happened to his hand or finger and it swelled up (like if he broke it), he could VERY SERIOUSLY have to lose his finger…I put the kibosh on that. No fiance of mine is going to lose an appendage over a wedding ring. Today, we ended up selecting a nice paladium ring. I think its a very handsome ring.

Here are all our rings together:


Here is a shot of just Tanner’s ring:


After we picked out our rings, we had lunch together at Silver Spoon. Then I packed up some stuff to head to Mom’s. Right now I’m sitting under the hair dryer at Dana’s. She’s coloring and cutting my hair and then we are doing a run through of my hair styling…with veil and hair piece. Wa-hoo!

Hopefully it will look amazing. I am confident it will because Dana is so talented!

Here is a picture of my hair piece:



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