I’m (Almost) Done With the Kitchen!

Lunch with the Belchers was awesome. We enjoyed the company and the food. AND luckily for us, when we got home, our internet and cable were both out. So much for lazy Sunday…

So, I decided to tackle the kitchen. I had already painted a large portion of it and had already attempted to tape off what needed to be taped off. So there really was no excuse not to get started.

In testing the colors, I had gotten pretty far. Haha.


I know that picture doesn’t illustrate how much paint was on the walls, but there was a lot. The brown next to the red was the other color in the running.

After giving Toby a bath (with Tanner’s help), I got my painting gear on and got to work. Half way through the project I started really digging the color. It’s very warm and makes even our ugly, decrepit white baseboards and door frames pop.

Here is a shot of the project half done:



After I finished, I did a little bit of touch up. Put everything back in its proper place and hung some of the art work I purchased over the holidays for the kitchen.

Here is the (almost) finished project:





Now all that’s left is getting the back splash done. We are having someone come by to quote the project this week and will hopefully have it done in the next couple of weeks. I’m so excited. I’m going by the tile store to check to see if there is a tile similar to what I already picked out but with a little more brick red in it. If so, I will be totally ready to get our kitchen done. If not, I will just use what I already picked out!

Next on the kitchen wishlist, a new stove (yeah right) and our flatware and dishware. Then we will be done!

Now my only issue is deciding whether I want to do the two walls I did in Hopsack (the wall Tanner repaired and the other short wall) in a little bit of a darker brown and then do the rest of the house with Hopsack or another similar color. Thoughts? My thinking is that since the red in the kitchen is so warm and rich, using a darker shade on the walls leading into the kitchen might make it a little less unexpected…might make the rooms flow together a little better.

See if you can see what I mean:


The walls you see on the left and right are done in Hopsack. I’m wondering if we should do them in a darker color. It photographs nicely here, but in person the red is much darker than the Hopsack. Let me know your opinion in the comments. Lita, you may have to come over to see if you can help me!

Also, I found this great piece of art I’d like to get to go in that big space above the cabinets and microwave. It’s on our Bed Bath and Beyond registry. What do you think?


Tanner thinks it looks like a belt and isn’t totally ready to throw his support behind it, but that’s ok. Maybe he’ll like it when he sees it in person…who knows?! πŸ™‚

I would either put it in that space above the cabinets, hung horizontally, or under our marriage painting, hung vertically. Either way, I’m kind of loving it. And I am totally in love with our kitchen. πŸ™‚


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