We Survived the Holidays

As I mentioned, we did the tri-Christmas this year….

While this post is a little bit late, hopefully you will all still find it moderately interesting.  We started our holiday festivities with a shower thrown by my bridesmaids for the wedding party and some of my Clinton friends/family.  It was a Christmas themed shower where we got lots of great Christmas tree ornaments and decorations.  Amanda and Sarah hosted it at Amanda’s mom’s friend’s house.  The house was beautiful and it was so special to have all my friends together right before the holidays.  Especially since it was so close to Christmas and everyone had A LOT of other things going on.

Me with my two shower hosts and bridesmaids Amanda and Sarah

Also, I was so excited that Silvia and Eddie came in for the shower so close to having Tanner and I come home for Christmas Eve.  Here’s me with my mother and my future mother-in-law.

Silvia, Mom and Me

One of the most special gifts we got at the shower was one from my mom.  While we loved all the gifts and ornaments (and put them all on the tree as soon as we got home), the one from my mom nearly brought me to tears.  You see, we have a glass-blown angel at my mom’s house that sits on top of our tree every year.  Mom got it many years ago and I just love it.  I think it looks like me.  So, without me knowing, she took her angel to a lady in Clinton and had her make me one…not just like it, but similar enough that it was familiar and what she knew I would want.

Our angel tree-topper

Apparently, Tanner knew that mom was doing this for me.  When it came time to open mom’s gift, I was pretty sure it was something for Tanner (like a tool or something) and I made him open it.  But when he had me pull the present out of the box, I almost cried.  I had to literally choke back the tears because of how thoughtful and meaningful the angel was.  It was certainly a very sweet and surprising thing for mom to have done.  I can’t wait to put it on my tree next year.

After the shower ended, we went home to get ready for the Christmas weekend.  We were planning to drive to Kingsport on Friday morning to spend the day with Eddie and Silvia and then go to the Christmas Eve festivities with Tanner’s family and his grandfather’s house.  When we got to Kingsport, we opened presents with Tanner’s parents–and got LOTS of great stuff–we each got a new pea coat and some other really great gifts.  Silvia loved the fleece jackets we got her and the new pottery barn glasses.  Eddie loved the golf balls and new electric shaver.  So it was a huge success.  At Tanner’s grandfather’s house, I was totally blown away at the excitement of the young kids in his family opening their gifts.  I haven’t ever been at a Christmas with young kids opening presents and jumping and screaming with excitement…I mean not since my cousins and I were younger anyway.  So it was really neat to see that excitement and chaos.

Here is a picture of us from LAST Thanksgiving.  The new Harris family:

The Harris Family

This is one of Tanner, Eddie and Charles.  Three generations of Harris men…fortunately, Tanner and I made it through the whole holiday season without having any pictures taken together at family Christmas celebrations. 🙂

Charles, Eddie and Tanner

On Saturday morning we got up and had a big breakfast with Tanner’s parents and then came home to Knoxville where we hung out at our house for a bit then opened the presents we got for one another.  I got Tanner a new iPod touch and he got me an iPod mini for the gym.  It’s great!  I also got a new iPod touch (Tanner’s old one) and so it was a lot of fun…and electronic Christmas for us.

After we rested for a bit, we got ready to go to my Aunt Janet’s house to do Christmas with my side of the family.  It was a great evening because Michael B was in and the WHOLE family was there including a couple of extras like Abby Barranger and Courtney Culver.  So that was exciting too.

We got some great stuff from my family including our Tennessee table lamp and the knives we registered for.  So that was awesome.

Calphalon Contemporary 17-Piece Knife Block Set from Aunt Becky

UT Table Lamp from Aunt Janet and Uncle Charlie

As Christmas there started winding down, we hurried home because it was starting to get snowy and kind of icy.  We went home and basically went straight to bed we were so exhausted.  On Sunday morning, we had a big breakfast since we weren’t going to get to eat lunch because of the early dinner…

Sunday morning breakfast....french toast and bacon.

After we finished that, we got ready and headed to mom’s.  It was still pretty slick and snowy, but I wasn’t going to miss the meal mom had been planning for anything.

For dinner, she made a prime rib roast (coated in salt and flour).  We didn’t eat the salt cover, but the rib roast was AMAZING. To accompany that she made a crab soup and spinach maria.  I made mashed potatoes (with three sticks of butter, half a tub of sour cream, a little milk and a block of cream cheese…haha :)…so healthy).  For dessert we had shaved ice in cinnamon and peppermint flavor AND a little vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.  SOOOOOO good.

Pictures coming soon.

Mom’s was awesome because we had all of my Clinton family there… Jerry and Sharon Riley, Jackie and Kendal and Courtney and Katie.  It was a big family dinner with lots of laughs and love.  I felt so blessed when we left there.  We were full, Full, FULL and happy.  It was a great Christmas.

I was off all week after Christmas so mom and I did quite a bit of wedding stuff. Monday I went to the gym and ran errands returning stuff for Christmas and all that plus took down the Christmas tree and put up all the Christmas stuff.  Tuesday, I did the same but then went to Mom’s house to hang out with her and help her put her Christmas stuff away. Then we went down to hang out with Kendal and Sharon at the Riley’s house for a bit.  I made a cake with Kendal in her new Easy Bake Oven.

Masterpiece huh?

After we left there I went down to Dana’s to get my hair done and do a practice session on my hair.

Me and Dana trying to figure out my hair

With the veil!

On Wednesday, we went to White Lace to have mom’s dress altered and then we went to the florist to talk with her about my changes to the flower order.  Then we went to pick out some tile for my kitchen back splash.  I think I’ve decided exactly what I want, but I may go back tomorrow on my lunch break to see if I can find something with just a little more red in it.  If not, what I picked out will be fine, but I’m probably going to look anyway, because I have already started painting the kitchen red. We went with Valspar’s Sienna Red.

Valspar Sienna Red

It’s a little bit more of a brick red than a red red and it’s very warm.  It’s growing on me and I think it will look nice in the kitchen with our red accents and marble/stone accents.  I think the tile will make it look really nice too.  I was a little nervous about doing a red kitchen because of how they tend to look in pictures when you put a house up for sale on a realty website, but I decided to do it anyway because Tanner and I aren’t planning to move any time soon and I’d rather have something I like than something that is just going to be okay for now.  So we’re doing it and, luckily, Tanner is on board.  So I hope it turns out well…so far, I’m liking it.

On Wednesday night, I made the Crab Stuffed Shells I mentioned in a previous post.  They turned out pretty good.  I think I should have gone with my original idea to use an Alfredo sauce instead of the Bechamel sauce, but they were still good.  It made a ton and I ended up taking some over to Katie’s to give to her and sent some home with mom too.  We still have leftovers!

Crab Stuffed Shells and Asparagus

For New Years, we played it low key.  We went to Brian and Alison Hawxhurst’s house for dinner and games.  We played cards and board games and drank champagne and pre-made shots.  It was a perfect New Years because it was low stress and fun.  Exactly what we were looking for!

We slept late on January 1st and took it easy most of the day.  I painted some and then we went to have a late lunch at Rafferty’s.  Then I cooked a Orange Teriyaki Beef with Noodles (including snap peas and carrots) for dinner and we watched the movie The Town. It was a pretty relaxing day.

Today, we went to Lowes to get some paint and then went by the grocery store.  Now I’m blogging and we’re waiting to meet Matt and Lita Belcher (and hopefully baby Eli) at Wokhay for lunch.  All in all, it’s been a great holiday season.

Looking back yesterday, I am so excited about the good times ahead.  The memories from this year were awesome and the year just flew by.  Now I’m looking forward to the excitement that this year will bring and all the new experiences we will have as we begin our first year of marriage.  It’s a very exciting time and we are very blessed.

Happy New Year ya’ll!


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  1. Kathy Taylor

    I like the Brick Red you chose!

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