Things Are Crazy

It has been basically a whirlwind since Christmas was over.  I jumped into high gear getting our kitchen painted and then went right to work selecting tile and trying to find a tiler.  I had NO IDEA how difficult it would be to get someone to come tile our backsplash.  I scheduled an appointment on Monday with someone, but had to move the appointment to Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I rushed home from the gym to meet him and he NEVER showed. So, when 7 o’clock rolled around I called another guy and set him up to come on Thursday.  He was supposed to be there at 6 p.m., but called around 4 p.m. to say he wasn’t going to be able to make it.  He gave me the name of another guy that I booked to come at 6:30 tonight.  I also booked someone who is supposed to come by over the weekend to give us a quote and someone else who is supposed to come Monday during the day.

Hopefully at least ONE of these guys will show up to take measurements and quote the price of doing our kitchen backsplash.  I mean it will be a pretty quick job that won’t require a ton of work from them.  Honestly, they could bang the job out in a few hours, I think.  So hopefully, we can get this squared away by the middle of next week and get something booked before the end of January!

This is the color combo I think I’m going with the for the rest of our house.

Top: Sienna Red (B31-5) used in the kitchen; Left Bottom: Moose Mousse (may be used for the rest of the house); Bottom Right: Raspberry Truffle (C31-5)

If you don’t remember, the picture below illustrates pretty well the walls that I’d want to hit with this new color.

This picture does as well:

Basically, the short wall you see in the picture above is the only one in this picture that would get hit with the new color…the Raspberry Truffle.  My fear is that the walls painted in Hopsack are too light because they blend with the color used in the rest of the house that’s already there.  I want to do a little bit of a darker color on those three walls (the wall Tanner put a hole in and the two walls behind the one seen in the picture directly above) to make the move into the kitchen with its new rich color a little less drastic. The walls in the forefront of the first picture of the kitchen above would be what would get the Raspberry Truffle.

The Moose Mousse is a little bit darker than Hopsack, but a different brand than the other two. So I may try to find something in the same brand as the other two paints (Olympic) instead of Valspar, but in a color similar.

Anyway, after a long couple of days, I’m ready for the weekend.  I will probably get a sample of this Raspberry Truffle so that I can get it on those three walls to see how I like it. I need to put it up against the couch to see if it will go ok with the couch without making the room monotone.  If so, I really don’t know where to go.  I think we need a dark warm color for those three walks and then a warm beige for the rest of the house.

After all that is done, then our bedroom is the last room to take care of.  I will probably do that similar to this picture:

The bedding we registered forObviously, I don’t want our bedroom to be painted the same color as the office (a cool gray), but I do want something serene that will go with the bedding, but also complement what has already been done in the bathroom. I like the way the room looks in this picture, but will need to see some samples on the wall before we can be sure of what we want to do.

At any rate, though, the first step is to get the tile done.  This is the accent tile I found that I want to use.

Of course, though, after searching for a little bit, I found out that this tile is no longer in production.  The company that makes it went out of business.  The ONLY tiles in all of Knoxville that exist like this are the ones on this board (grouted together with the other five tiles on this board) and one sample tile from this collection at Tile Sensations.  OF COURSE, I fell in love with it and decided that I.NEEDED.TO.HAVE.IT. for our kitchen.  Tanner is basically giving me free reign to do what I want with the tile in the kitchen (and I appreciate that), though he didn’t love these at first.  Slowly though, as I leave them sitting around the house, they are growing on him.

Back to them being discontinued though…you’re probably asking, “Well if they’re discontinued how are you going to get them?!” Well I had Tile Sensations do a “search and rescue” for the tiles from EVERY.TILE.DISTRIBUTOR. that they know and they couldn’t find anything! 😦 So I bought the display board from the original tile place (that’s right, the exact tile board displayed in the picture above) and plan to have my unsuspecting tile installer take them off the board and cut them away from the other five tiles on the board and put them in our backsplash.

I already know where and how I want them done.  I want the four tiles spaced out above the stove in this order:

The Pinot Nior (in the top center) will be the first tile on the left, next to it on the right will be the Chardonnay, followed by the Shiraz, followed by the Sauvignon Blanc tile.  These will, of course, be worked into the rest of the tiled backsplash (sorry I don’t have a picture of the main tile right now).  So I love it and can’t wait for it to be put in, by a super amazing tile guy who can work the tiles off this board and away from the other tiles I’m not using to put above our stove…

Anyway…here’s hoping.  I’ll keep you posted.  Don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t have these cool tiles. We’ll see though, if I can ever get a tile guy to come to the house to quote the project.


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