I Found a Faux Halston to Leave the Reception In

Some of you have no idea what the title of this blog post means, but some of you (read Mollie Bailey and Krissy D) know exactly what I’m talking about.

Due to the timing of our flight out of Knoxville to the lovely St. Kitts, Tanner and I are going to the Airport Hilton from the Emporium.  This travel plan makes it a little bit difficult for me to wear my dress out of the reception because then I’d have to pack it in my suitcase and take it to St. Kitts with me OR have my mom come to the hotel after the reception to pick it up.  Neither of these options was working for me (or her).  So, in one of our many discussions of the reception she said, “I guess you’ll just have to get another dress or outfit to leave the reception in.”  GASP! That’s as good as permission to spend more money on wedding related clothes.

Well I toyed with the idea of leaving in a Bethenny-inspired velour suit like the one below:

Minus the Baby Bump, of course.

Minus the Baby Bump, of course.

Victoria’s Secret even had a wonderful option (I already own one of these in Navy, but am in need of a new one) that I thought would work perfectly:

I loved this...looked so cozy, but still put together.

But after realizing that Tanner probably wouldn’t be wearing something that casual and that he would also have to change before we left, I needed to be a little more dressed.  Can’t be looking like a frump leaving the wedding reception with my super-fly, non-tuxedo wearing husband. So I began my search…

Now, I had some ideas of what I wanted to wear out…I toyed with the idea of a short lace shift or a sequins shirt dress.  But mostly it had to be something I could take to St. Kitts that would be utilized during my trip; something that I could wear again without feeling like I was over-reveling in my bridal glory; something that was WITHOUT.A.DOUBT fabulous…with all those requirements in mind, where did I turn? SJP, of course.

You may remember these two dresses from SATC2…Halston Heritage.

This white frock retails for a cool $325 from Neiman Marcus.

This Halston Heritage’s haute Stripe Lurex Pleated Cocktail Dress retails for $435.

While I loved the idea of leaving the reception in a white dress (duh, I’m still the bride), I realized the impracticality of me (if you know me well, you know why) owning a white dress for casual functions.  I mean it’s practically begging to be stained with some sort of food or drink or ink…and how often can you wear all white without that worry? There were several faux options to the white Halston, but none did the trick for me.  I sort of figured if I wanted to go white Halston, I needed to go as close to the original as possible and financially and personally, it wasn’t feasible.

That brings us to the accordion Halston donned by SJP in the second picture.  I love it!

There was this option:

On sale at Nordstrom for $259 (a fraction of the original price)

But that was still a little more than I wanted to spend on the dress I was going to leave the reception in.

Then this version became available at Nordstrom…basically the exact same as the one above (except it wasn’t a Halston):

A mere $21 (also at Nordstrom)

But, for some reason, I didn’t love the look of it.  I also thought I wanted something a little closer to the amazing blue/purple of SJP’s dress above, but I ended up ordering this:

Go Jane

Go Jane for approximately $35

I didn’t get this in the bright blue.  Surprisingly, I thought I ordered it in the blue or teal, but when it arrived at my house it was black…and I was pleasantly surprised.  I mean, you can never have too many LBDs.

Here is how the Halston and the GoJane version compare:


Halston vs. GoJane

Pretty close, huh? You can’t really tell by this picture, but the sparkle in the Halston is pretty closely mimicked in the Go Jane version…the black is beautiful.  I didn’t love it the other day when I tried it on, but this morning, after I curled my hair and got ready for work, I tried it on again and I’m really feeling it.  I think it’s going to be great for what I purchased it for and I’m so excited to wear it at the beach.  The cost makes me a little less nervous about using it as a casual/resort wear piece.

PLUS, I’m wearing it out with these amazing shoes from Candies:

Candies Nude Peep Toe Pump

The forecast says it’s basically high of 81 and low of 75 in St. Kitts through February…so, again I say, get me there soon!


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  1. Mollie

    I love the dresses!!!

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