The Tile Is Going Up

Right now, as I blog from the couch watching E! News Weekend, Rafael the Tile Professional, is in our kitchen with his friend putting tile up…or preparing to anyway.

For those that want it, I’ll offer a play-by-play of the festivities.

9:18 am
They are cutting tile and attempting to separate the wine themes Listellos off the display board.

He's working diligently on those tiles.

9:30 am
Rafael is placing/spacing tile under the bar behind the sink. His friend is still prying the Listellos off the display board. (It appears successfully because I just saw one in his hand!)

Funny side note, Rafael’s phone has rung twice with an Asian theme ring tone (da-da-da-da-dat-dat-dat-dat). Haha.  🙂

10:15 am
Most of the tile above the sink is up. They are cutting around the outlets and light switches now. It looks like they’ve also cut what will go behind the stove as they’re moving it away from the wall now.

10:45 am
They have tiled all along the top of the counter top. They just called me in to look at what they had laid out to put up behind the stove. They also tell me they are running the tile down behind the stove a little bit in case we ever got a shorter stove.

11:00 am
They are putting up the tile behind the stove now. I think they will put up all the tile and then put the grout on. It’s going pretty quickly. I think they’ll be done before too long. You can see the spaces for the Listellos.

11:15 am
The Listellos are in! I seriously can’t believe that I was able to get them off the display board. I just fell in love with them and can’t believe we got them up. They look great!

12:00 pm
The tilers are just finishing placing all the cut pieces and are putting in a layer of tile below the line you see above (like I said earlier, so that if we ever got a shorter stove, it would still be tiled). Tanner just left to go pick up lunch.  When he left, Rafael said, “Next, I do the counter tops.  It will look very nice with a new sink and look like marble.” I said, “Oh yeah, how much?” He said, “About $1,200.” I said, “Well you’ve done a great job on the tile.  We’ll think about it.” Tanner said, “Two years.  If we’re still here in two years we can do it.” Haha. 🙂

12:30 pm
They are basically done placing the tile and will leave to let it dry.  They will be back around 3:00 pm to do the grout. What do you think?

They are wiping up the floor and counters and heading out.  Be back about 3:00 to finish grouting and round out the job. I’m headed to the gym for a little bit while Tanner watches basketball. So pumped! I absolutely love it. AND to top it off, they’ve used most of the tile that we bought (we ended up having to buy two boxes because the one box only had 14.08 square feet of tile in it and we needed at least 15 square feet based on Rafael’s estimate and Tanner’s measurements.  So we had to buy two boxes, which, we thought, meant we were going to have about 13 extra square feet. BUT Rafael has used about half of the second box. So that worked out pretty well!  Off to the gym.  See you in a bit!

3:00 pm
It took about 45 minutes for them to put the grout in and get cleaned up.

4:30 pm
It’s finally done! Rafael just left with a check and a promise to come back tomorrow to put the sealer on.  He’ll be here around 11:30 am.  Then it will be totally finished.

Here are some pictures of the finished product.  The pictures don’t do justice and to really take it in you have to see it in person, but here’s enough to give you an idea of how great it looks. It looks like a totally different place! I can’t wait to cook in there. 🙂 I am so grateful to my mom for recognizing how much I wanted to have this done, but that it wasn’t a top priority of mine and Tanner’s, but it was such a great treat that she gave it as a gift to us so we could get it now instead of waiting for it.  It just looks great and I love it. I love it. I.LOVE.IT!

What a change!

A little Jerseylicious in the background...

Doesn't it look totally different?

So clean and pretty!

With the sink...and our counter tops.

Up close of the Listellos.

Even closer of the Listellos.

The new kitchen!

Who is ready for a yummy dinner?!  Big day…now off to girls night out!


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  1. Kathy Taylor

    Looks good …..but we need better pictures!

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