We Have Been Busy, Busy, BUSY!

I know its been a while since I blogged. A note from my mom this morning prompted this one…

But we have been so busy!

After the tile went up, we had our hometown bachelor(ette) parties. Tanner recovered from his quickly, but it took me a few days!

Here are some photos of me and my girlfriends…(Note: no pictures of Tanner from this party exist…that I’m aware of. :))

The Bachelorette Balloons April carried around for me all night.

All the girls (minus Lita and Raluca and Jini) at dinner at Oodles! (R to L: Stephanie Patrick, Allison Kesling, Crystal Bell, me, Kelly Link and April Clifton)

Tears of joy for RaRa and her baby!

Me and my Matron of Honor and GNO organizer April

Me and Bridesmaid Stephanie Patrick

Time to change the shoes...UGG is my best friend!

After the big nights out, we had a dinner at our friend Sandy Garber’s house with all my old co-workers and supervisors from my time in the Mayor’s office. It was so much fun and we were overwhelmed by the VERY generous Lowe’s gift card they gave us. We are so pumped to figure out how to use that….shutters, landscaping, painting, appliances…the possibilities are endless!!!

The week after that, I spent a lot of time in the gym in preparation of my fitting on the 29th.

Last weekend I had a big weekend, too. Saturday I had Junior League in the morning then a fitting for Silvia’s dress right after that. Tanner and Eddie both for measured for their tuxedos too. After the fittings, Silvia and Debi and me went to a shower hosted by my aunts. It was so much fun. That guest list basically included some of the most influential women in my life, past and present. We got some great gifts and I had blast putting everything in its new home!

Here are some pictures from that shower:

The beautiful centerpiece

Beautiful Petit Fors

Miss Sharon and Katie


Sharon and Kendal!

Sunday we spent the afternoon with at the Hawxhurst house watching the NFL games (Go Jets!) with Kelly, Crystal, Louis and Brian and Alison.  It was a nice relaxing evening after a busy Saturday.  Brian made some awesome BBQ in the crockpot for us to enjoy and I made a light taco dip (using our new Kitchen Aid chopper) and we munched all evening.

After that shower and all the weekend excitement, I was exhausted.  I got up early Monday and headed to work…it was a long week and a stressful one, but I am so appreciative of my friends and family who supported me and built me up this week.  With the wedding so close and stress levels rising, I am so emotional (though undoubtedly the happiest I’ve ever been in my life) and things are taking me a little by surprise.  The pep talks this week from those that love me most have been exactly what I needed to buck up and get through it.  I’ve tried hard this week to meet every challenge put in front of me with a “Can do, kick @$$ attitude” and it seems to be working (sort of :/), but I’m keeping my head up and moving forward.  It’s only 36 days until the wedding and only 37 days until Tanner and I are here:

St. Kitts and Nevis

Speaking of the wedding, I found out this week who will be showing at the Emporium Gallery during our reception.  The downstairs exhibit is supposed to be young, up-and-coming, local emerging artists. I’m kind of excited to see what that exhibit has to offer.  As for the upstairs exhibit…her name is Keegan Luttrell.  If you’re interested, she is originally from Knoxville and her bio says, “As an art history major, her role as an art historian and an artist symbiotically exist together within her practice. Her interest is focused on environmental and social concerns within the world at large continuously emerges throughout her work in the form o f performance, installation and sculpture, with emphasis on the inclusion of natural materials…Our natural impression on earth, our physical remnants, and the memories that single-handedly transcend our existence, are all readily evident themes throughout her work.” You can find her website here. I’ve been told most of her exhibit on the 5th will be “installations.” We’ll see…

Also,  for a small FYI, if anyone is interested, Tanner and I made a honeymoon registry too. If you want to check it out, visit the link here at Honey Fund.

Happy weekend everyone!  Hopefully next week I’ll have some time to post.  At least, the last post was an exciting one.  We are still loving the tile in our kitchen!


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