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So, I don’t know what happened yesterday with the blog.  I had written a whole big piece and scheduled it to send and when it posted, it was just a title.  Go figure…

Anyway, I’ve been busy once again, with work and wedding things since the last showers and the bachelor(ette) weekends, but it’s been mostly good.

On Friday, Tanner and I took it pretty easy. We went to dinner together since we hadn’t seen much of each other over the week (both had busy evening schedules) and just hung out together at home…I went to bed EARLY. I got up early Saturday morning to go to the gym since I had my first bridal fitting later that afternoon.  The fitting went well, but I was glad I went to the gym because I was able to go in CONFIDENTLY knowing that all the work I’d done since the dress first came in (when I tried it on and we could barely zip it and I had back fat/cleavage). Saturday, though, the dress fit amazingly and they took it in QUITE A BIT on both sides. They also shortened it some so I wouldn’t step on it.  It was so exciting to see all the detailing pieces FINALLY on it. Up until now, I’ve only been able to see pieces of the dress and pinned and tucked to the sample dress. So it was really awesome to finally have my dress on, have it fit and have all the pretty pieces on it so the whole thing came together.

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good.  Also good was that Mom’s dress is done and it looked really good on her. She gave Nana’s outfit to Kamesha to alter and it’s going to be so cute. Silvia’s jacket also came in (WHAT.A.RELIEF.SINCE.IT.TOOK.FOREVER!) and she’ll have that altered when she comes back in for her final fitting. I think it will look great. I put the jacket up against her dress and I think it’s going to come together beautifully.

After the fitting, we went to meet my makeup artist from Bangs and Blush. Her name is Jamie.  We did a run through on my make up and it went swimmingly.  I really like her (for a number of reasons, the least of which is not that she was available on short notice after the girl I was ready to hire from Sephora bailed out on me) and she did a great job.  She’s going to do Mom and Silvia’s make up too (and I think they’re going to do a run through soon). She’s also going to do a couple bridesmaid’s make up AND airbrush all the girls for a very reasonable price. 🙂 So that’s good news, too.

Jamie doing the airbrushing...

The finished product...

What do you think?!Finished with Jamie and the make-up run through, I headed to Clinton to get my hair done by Dana.  It was supposed to be a run through on my hair, but since she wasn’t feeling good and I had a housewarming party to go to (YEAH STEPH AND TYSON :)), we just colored it.  We’re a couple of steps closer to where we need to be for the wedding.  This is the color we’re shooting for:

One more trip to Dana and we’ll be there.

She did the all-over brown on Saturday and will give my highlights time to come through before my next appointment with her at the end of February.  At that appointment we’ll do the highlights/lowlights and whatever else. And we’ll do my final run through on my hair with veil and all! YEAH!

Aside from that wedding stuff, right now we’re just compiling RSVP cards and dinner orders for our rehearsal dinner.  RSVPs are coming in steadily every day, but slowly.  The deadline we put on it is coming up, so we’re hoping we’ll get an influx soon.  (Hint, Hint everyone…send those RSVPs in!!!) We’re also ALMOST ready to order the tuxedos…but we’re waiting on one groomsman (Ahem…Grant…Ahem) to get measured, and I’ve been told by his fiance that he’s going to do it Friday…HE BETTER! 😉

We’ve also had a great time putting away all of our new gifts (from the shower my aunts hosted) and I feel like I’m owning finding a home for everything.  Unfortunately, we lost two red wine glasses yesterday as our wine rack fell from the ceiling.  I don’t know if that’s because the new glasses are bigger and heavier than the old ones or if it got loose because I had to take it down to paint.  No telling, but luckily we only lost two red wine glasses and no white wine glasses.  I just added another set of glasses to our registry to make up for them.  We were devastated that happened because we haven’t even drank out of them yet! 😦

Oh well…at least it was just glasses and nothing that couldn’t be easily replaced. In the grand scheme, it’s a small ordeal.

Coming up on the wedding to do list…do the rehearsal dinner seating chart and make name cards with  menu selections, check hotel bookings (book at Crown Plaza or Marriott), break in my shoes, pick up our marriage license, talk to the church about printing programs and a few other tiny things. 🙂

Stay tuned…I’ll try to be a better poster, but things are picking up quite a bit and I may not have time for a little bit. I’ll do the best I can, so be kind!


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