We’ve Made One Final Payment

This isn’t EXACTLY true, so sorry to start the post out on a lie.

We’ve made a couple FINAL payments already, including:

  1. My dress: duh, had to do that FIRST and before it could be altered and made perfect…and, oh yeah, ahem, TAKEN IN
  2. Our rings: we have both rings (and my engagement ring) and I tried to get them engraved yesterday, but, alas, mine is too narrow and the metal on Tanner’s is too hard to be pierced by the diamond tip of the engraving pin. Oh well, that saved us about $40 bucks…not chump change!
  3. Reception decor: cocktail napkins, koozies and candles
  4. Gifts: for our wonderful wedding party

The final payment I teased you with in the title of the post was the FLORAL payment.  I had my final sit down yesterday with Lisa Foster to go over my decor for the wedding. Luckily, with some delivery finagling (thanks in advance to Allison Kesling and Mike and April Clifton–though they don’t know it yet) I was able to shave about $200 bucks off our floral price.

Everything is going to be amazing and I beyond this point, the flowers are a surprise to me until they are delivered to Club LeConte and the church. I have only made suggestions and been guided by the lovely Lisa Foster, from here on out…what I get will be a surprise to me (and a SUPER surprise to Tanner).

Later this week and next I’ve got a few more meetings (and a lot more payments to send out). We’re well on our way to getting this wedding under way.  My “run of show” (sidebar: it is not totally lost on me that it is totally neurotic to do a game plan for my wedding called a “run of show” but this is the event planning tutelage I’ve gotten and so how I am going to proceed to ensure that as little goes wrong as possible) is well under way and almost complete, just a few little changes here and there before it’s final.

I’ve got my last fitting this weekend and Kendal’s first along with Silvia’s middle fitting (have to do her jacket and make sure it works with the dress) and then will start making calls about the RSVPs that haven’t come in yet….SO.GET.THOSE.RSVP.CARDS.IN.THE.MAIL.ASAP if you don’t want to hear from me, or one of my wedding helpers!

Last night, we had a shower at BBT.  Tanner’s friends/co-workers from his office threw us a shower.  It was so wonderful.  Yummy cake from Shannon’s mom (it was beautiful, too), chips and salsa and Lays Ruffles with French onion dip, assorted nuts (not just Perry, Tanner, Josh and Sean 🙂 but yummy sugary cashews and assorted nuts, too), fruit and a very delicious punch. It was so much fun, a great way to end a long day. We got some amazing gifts (Hill Family: get excited about the awesome deviled egg tray we got. Game Night Friends: we got Jenga and Scrabble, too…) and though I wasn’t able to find them all a home last night before I collapsed, exhausted and trying very hard to fight off whatever grossness/sickness Tanner had this weekend, I got most of it put away. Thank you notes are a top priority, I promise! Please know we appreciate it all.

Mom, pictures of the shower coming soon. I’m waiting on Amy Ruby to email them to me since Tanner and I failed (even though Tanner did better than me by actually bringing his camera to the shower) to take many pictures of everything!

I realize I haven’t been telling you much about the meal’s we’ve been eating, and I know some of you are dying to know, but the reason for that is we haven’t been able to cook much (a terrible disappointment since we’ve gotten so many great new cooking utensils) and when we haven’t been busy, one of us has been working late or being sick. This week for example, on Sunday I made this delicious Black Bean Mango Salsa (a recipe from Kelsey soon-to-be-King). The linked recipe is a little different than the one she gave me as I used Ranch dressing seasoning (in a packet) instead of the Italian, and a can of whole kernel corn instead of frozen, a whole diced green pepper instead of half of a red one (though Kelsey said you could use red, green or yellow, depending on how you feel), and chopped scallions instead of a whole onion.  (I know, so basically the attached recipe is not at all like what I made, but it looks similar).

Looks similar if all the red things in this picture were green!

BUT because Tanner was sick and I wasn’t feeling well, I made the salsa in vain because it’s still in the fridge, though I’ve been nibbling on it a little bit here and there.  We bought blue corn chips to go with the salsa to add even more color, but I’ve been eating it with Wheat Thins, too.  Also good is putting a tablespoon of cream cheese on a plate and spooning this salsa over it before diving in with chips.  So yummy, and pretty good for you, too!

Monday, I made Potato-Horseradish-Crusted Mahi Mahi. It was an EatingWell recipe.  I even made the green beans, though I did a Slim Fast version where I steamed our beans in my retro steamer (one of the best cooking tools of all time) and then tossed them in a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of garlic salt. I was even planning to do carrots (honey-ginger glazed), but because I was eating alone (because Tanner was not feeling well at all), I opted to just eat the beans and fish.

Delicious...but kind of a pain.

Mine didn’t look this good (I mean, my plate basically looked like this and so did my fish, but not QUITE like this). It tasted good though and I know Tanner would like it if he tried it (in fact, he’ll probably have that for dinner tonight since I’m not on the top of my game today). If you’re a fan of the lemon-horseradish yellow potatoes we like so much, you’ll really like this. Even better is I think you can do it with any kind of fish. Also, kind of a pain was that we bought fresh Mahi Mahi and I was a little wary of it. I had to pull some bones out and would probably just assume go with frozen fish that’s been thawed next time. At any rate, I ate this by myself (though Tanner tried his best to be at the table with me so I didn’t have to eat alone, the fish was too much for him) so it was kind of a waste, but I had to fix it because I was certain the fish couldn’t stay in the fridge much longer than a couple of days.

Tonight the plan was to cook Honey-Cilantro Glazed Chicken Breast with rice (in our rice cooker) and carrots (which would have been left over from Monday night), but since I’m no longer feeling awesome, we may be having left overs and saving the Chicken dish for Thursday or the weekend. :/ Oh well, you can’t plan for everything…but I promise that when the wedding is over, I’ll have some delicious recipes to share with you and (probably) some home repair fun, too!



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2 responses to “We’ve Made One Final Payment

  1. Mollie

    Getting those last RSVP’s was a pain… I had to email a few people.

  2. Mom

    You don’t have TIME to get sick!

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