It’s Valentine’s Day

Yeah…I know it isn’t, but because Tanner and I got engaged on Feb. 5, we decided that we would forgo the actual Valentine’s Day and celebrate on the anniversary of our engagement. That way we could eat where we wanted without a huge crowd and we could eat whatever we wanted at that restaurant instead of worrying about some “set menu” to help accommodate all the millions of people eating dinner at the same time and place as us.

Our original plan was thwarted because Regas shut down…still devastating that we can’t eat at the place that means so much to me. Even more devastating was that Tanner didn’t want to support Mr. Wendy’s and get two Jr. Cheeseburgers and Natural Fries to eat on the steps of the Regas building…(at least I tried to preserve the tradition :)).

Well this year we decided to celebrate our anniversary/Valentine’s Day at the Brasserie, but Tanner got sick and our plan was thwarted again.  But sickness be damned, I’m putting on that red dress I wore last year (IF.IT.IS.THE.LAST.THING.I.DO) and we’re going to dinner tomorrow night, at the Brasserie (or if we can’t get in, to CRU or Bistro).

Here is a picture of us last year at this time:

At Regas...

(Side Note: I can’t remember how much I actually weighed at this time last year, but I know that in November–9 months after this picture was taken–I was bumping up on about 10 pounds heavier than I am now…That’s right, I’ve lost about 10 pounds GO.ME. So I’m hoping that this dress will still fit…by all accounts of science, since I’ve lost weight, it should…but as I had been sick for about a week before this, there’s no telling. At any rate, I hope the dress fits…I know that at some time in January–LAST January–I was the lowest weight I’ve been since I was in college, which is still about 4 pounds less than I am now…so there really is no telling.  Fingers crossed everyone! Send those skinny vibes my way! ;))

Back to the jist of this story now:

What the hell do you do ON Valentine’s Day then? Pretend it isn’t a real holiday and just go on like it’s any old other day? No, of course not. We plan a nice meal (nicer than the usual meal that I plan for us on week nights), something a little challenging that requires a bit of a time commitment and then I cook said meal and we sit down to a candle-light dinner at our own kitchen table. It’s really nice.  Last year, so overcome by the engagement, I told Tanner I’d make whatever he wanted. (We had beef stroganauff over noodles, baked potatoes, garlic bread and salad–basically all the carbs you could get into one meal).  This year, to avoid that (we are getting close to the wedding), I made the menu.  I’ve been evaluating what to cook for a week or so now, trying to avoid chicken because we do that all the time, and to stay away from our standard fall back some fancy pork tenderloin…and I’ve been struggling for a couple of reasons.

  1. I want to make the meal delicious and rich and fun.
  2. I want the meal to be low calorie and healthy.
  3. I want to have a decadent dessert.
  4. I want that dessert to be low-calorie and healthy.
  5. I want to still be able to enjoy cooking the meal and not be stressed about my lack of ability to do whatever fancy cooking thing the FoodNetwork suggests.

But I think I’ve found it.

Tanner has been dying to use our new rice cooker, and we were supposed to do that this week.  But the dinner menu got messed up again. So if we don’t use it tonight, I’ll be using it on Sunday. We’re definitely having rice.  Also, we’ll probably have asparagus because it’s just about my favorite vegetable next to broccoli. Tanner doesn’t care much for either one, but, hey, this dinner is all about Valentine’s Day Love and Compromise, right?!  So we’ll have that and I’ll make the standard faux hollandaise sauce we (read: I) like for that and I’ll steam them.

But the star of the dinner you ask? EatingWell’s Blueberry Peach Cobbler. I’ve had my eye on this dish for a while and just couldn’t figure out how or where I could fit it into the dinner menu (read: my wedding dieting), but since it’s on EatingWell’s website and is fairly low-calorie for one piece (and I’ll serve it with frozen yogurt…which I’ll buy in the pint because I can’t have a gallon in the house) it should be fine…especially since I’ve been so good this week.

My favorite thing about this dish is that it's made in the cast iron skillet, so I know it must be good.

All kidding aside, the cobbler is for DESSERT, so it can’t be the star of the show (yes it can and it is, but something else has to come first to go with the rice and asparagus sides right? I mean cobbler with rice and asparagus doesn’t sound awesome). So the star of the show is…from an old friend… (originally from TasteOfHome) and it’s fish.  I’m sticking with fish because it’s (mostly) low-calorie and fairly healthy and light so we won’t get so full that we can’t enjoy the cobbler (the real star of the show) and it will go nicely with the sides I’ve chosen.

Marinated Orange Roughy

Marinated Orange Roughy

So that’s it, we’ll be having Marinated Orange Roughy with rice and asparagus and blueberry peach cobbler for dessert (plus a little bit of vanilla frozen yogurt).  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?!

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Mom

    Sounds Yummy! You should hit up your aunt for some blueberries from her freezer!

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