It’s Sunday Lazy Sunday!

Well mostly lazy. Last night Tanner and I were lucky to spend more bachelor(ette)-type time with friends (separately…he did a GNO–guys night out–spawned by my invite for GNI–girls night in).

We are certainly lucky to be so blessed and supported by friends who love us.

Anyway, yesterday was fun outside of GNO/GNI because I started out my Saturday at the gym and then got to go have my final dress fitting. For all of you wondering, it looks awesome. Plus I got to see Silvia have her final fitting as well AND Kendal get her flower girl dress fitted. It was so much fun!

After that Tanner and I went to baby Ethan’s first birthday party.

It was a pretty good day.

This morning Tanner slept late and I worked on the grocery list for the dinner I’m cooking tonight. We also unpacked our plates and put them in the wash so we can eat on them tonight.

For dinner? Marinated white fish with asparagus and rice. I made a honey mustard dressing in my dressing emulsifier and will probably serve that with the steamed asparagus. We are also putting to use our new rice cooker. (Tanner really wanted it and I was skeptical, but I am getting on board with it. It looks pretty cool. Thanks Elledges!)

I’ll check back in after dinner when we finish our delicious meal!


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