It Smells Like Spring Rain

This week has been amazing.  The weather has been so delicious.  The air is crisp and smells clean.  Right now, outside my office door it is warm enough to be without tights and cool enough for a cardigan.  It smells like spring rain coming and I couldn’t be happier to have it.

Despite the amazing weather, this week has been a long one.

Monday, I failed at getting us our marriage license because I don’t carry my social security card in my wallet. (I read while investigating how to change my name that the Social Security website says you’re not supposed to.) But we got it rescheduled for next week sometime.  We’ll probably go Tuesday because Monday is a holiday.  No matter really, we don’t need it until the 5th and we needed the sheet from Pastor E to confirm that we did do marriage counseling.

We got that form from him on Thursday when we went to the church to meet with him and Jim to go over our wedding program and music selections.

So now we’re all set to get our marriage license on Tuesday.  It worked out even better though because my good friend JG is going to come and take photos of us getting our license.  (I guess it really does pay to know people in the CCB. :))

I started printing documents and figuring out WTH I am supposed to do to get my name changed.  It’s kind of a big scary lot of documents you need to have your hands on before you can even begin to think about it!

We also have been working hard to get our house in order…wait, no we haven’t…been working hard that is.  More like mindlessly meandering around our house picking up continuously.  We think that the mailman and the trash guys are working together against us.  We get minimal mail and packages all week and then on Thursday afternoon (after the trash gets picked up) the mailman brings a ton of boxes and magazines and envelopes.  Don’t get us wrong, we are supremely happy to have all the mail and gifts, but we wish they would stop conspiring against us.

I’ve been able to unload some of our boxes and will get rid of some more this weekend when we make a drop off at Bag-A-Bargain.  We also gave some stuff to family friends to help us clear stuff out and my good friend AK who is helping us with the wedding to help us free up some living room space.  WHEW!

We don’t have much planned this weekend except for maybe a trip to Lowes to get Tanner a new drill and maybe some paint…like I need to add painting to my to do list before we leave town.  But, you know me, always need to be busy even when I’m supposed to be relaxing.  Right now, the plan is to paint three walls brown (in the same color family as the kitchen that’s red) and then slowly (but surely) paint as much of the rest of the house as I can by myself and then when that’s pretty close to being done getting Tanner to call a painter to come fix the rest of it up.  I’m sure that our tile guy knows someone who can do the painting for us!  I will certainly call him to see.

Thankfully, while we’re gone, Miss Sharon is going to come by and clean our house for us (though I have no idea how she could even attempt to do that because of all the stuff we’ll have sitting around, but I know she’ll conquer it and we’ll come home to an amazingly clean house…which will be…well…amazing!

I’m actually ready to start packing NOW!


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