I Think I’m Slowing Making My Way to Selecting Music

So…the only things (basically) left blank on my “Wedding Day Run of Show” document are what songs I want played…I’m not talking about for the DJ to play at the reception–though Tanner and I are having trouble deciding what our first dance should be–I’m talking about what music I want played at the ceremony.

Basically, a good family friend (Mr. Jim Davis) is going to play the piano for me at the ceremony.  We aren’t going to use the organ, because the way the sanctuary is set up, I think we’ll be just fine with only a piano.  Well I thought that…then got nervous about it, but because of the cost savings and how much it means to me to have Jim play at the wedding, I’m sticking to my guns.

So here’s what I’ve decided on…(Please Note: These are what what I’ve picked out BUT I still have to get it approved by Tanner and Jim and the church and everything…but I think they’ll all probably be on board). The songs below are some things I’d like to have worked into the ceremony somehow…probably in the prelude, but I’m leaving all the music mastery to my friend Jim.

Here’s the prelude, it’s called “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and all you Glee fans might recognize it from the episode where Kurt’s and Finn’s parents got married:

Maybe a little bit of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”

After that, I think we’ll have Train’s “Marry Me” (quite the theme catching on, right?)

I found the Bruno Mars song online (the girl that put together that video also had the sheet music available for download on her blog–hopefully it will sound like the video when Jim tries it out) and a place out in Turkey Creek has the Train sheet music for like $3.99.  So I think it will work. I think they both sound great on piano and think that they’ll be the perfect thing to set the mood for the wedding. Don’t you?

For our processional, I was thinking of “Canon in D.” It’s pretty traditional and common at weddings…I think it’s pretty, but again, I’m leaving the final decisions to Jim.

“Canon in D” or whatever we settle on will be for Tanner to seat Silvia and for the wedding party to enter. Pretty standard wedding music.

For my entrance…hold your breath:

JUST.KIDDING!!! You know there’s no way that’s happening. Sorry to disappoint…for those of you who may be planning it…don’t. Stop right now and practice slow stepping down the traditional aisle to “Cannon in D” 🙂 We’re keeping it tradish around here. (I mean, I will give that it’s cute…and I’d even go so far as to say cool, but no way it’s happening at my wedding. Sorry.)

Mom and I will walk out to this…more traditional wedding…but get excited because here comes the bride, also known as Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin/Richard Wagner.

When Tanner and I are married, we’re sticking with more traditional…the Wedding March.

Or something similarly loud and exciting.

And as all you wonderful people file out of the sanctuary and head to the reception, you’ll probably hear more prelude music…but also maybe not because we want you to get downtown!

Like I said, these are the things I’ve kind of developed a liking to, but I am, pretty much, leaving it up to Jim to figure out. He knows me and I know whatever he picks out will be great…you might even get lucky enough to hear him sing!

Keep your fingers crossed!


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