I Have a New Job

Now…I know right now, everyone checking the blog is hoping for some pre-wedding freak-out post, but…look elsewhere.  Because, as of now, you’re not getting one.  Check back with me next week sometime (if my sister’s shoes haven’t come in and actually fit or I’m too fat to fit in my dress…). You can keep your fingers crossed, but as of now…not gonna happen.

Most of you know that I am no longer with the Mayor’s office.  When Former Mayor Ragsdale’s administration was almost over, I accepted a job at UT with the Knoxville campus office of communications and marketing. The position was classified as LDA (or limited duration appointment) and was set to expire (with no promise of a contract renewal) on June 30th.  I took the risk because I figured I needed to diversify my resume a bit and gather some other professional experience…get myself a second business card if you will.

The hope, by me and my office, was that something at UT would open up and I could transition into a new, permanent job before my contract expired.  As jobs started opening up though, none of them were permanent.  Everything seemed to be another LDA position…a lateral move that wasn’t going to work.  The ones that weren’t LDA were very highly sought after (as a lot of us on campus are in LDA positions and were jumping at ANY opportunity to become a permanent full-time employee). Realizing that my luck was going to run out at some point, I started looking for other jobs.

This was so discouraging at times because I knew that for every resume I submitted there were 75 other people submitting their resumes too.  I knew that there were a lot of candidates that were just as qualified, if not more qualified, than me in almost every candidate pool I jumped into.

So, luckily (and I can say this now because I received an official offer letter, signed it and returned it and turned in my two weeks notice at UT)…something has finally come through.

I say finally because I did three different interviews and had to take a really hard GRE/GMAT/Meyers-Briggs type test (that took about 2 hours to complete) before I got the call that I had made the cut.

Now…you all know the wedding is coming up and though I can’t see you, I know the cogs are turning in your heads as you try to figure out when I’m going to start this new job.  Well…the timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Surprisingly, my patience paid off and I’ve landed myself something that is going to make for a very easy transition. I finish up at UT on the Thursday before the wedding and start my new job the Tuesday after we come back from our honeymoon.

What is the job?! I know you’re dying to know.  Well, I’ll tell you…

I’ve landed myself a job at the mall!

THE MALL?!?!?!

Yes, THE mall!

Don’t get too stressed yet, it’s not like I’ll be managing a Limited or Express…and I won’t be working in the food court…just near it.

I’ve taken a job as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development for Simon Malls. That’s the company that runs the West Town and Knoxville Center malls (and about 350 other malls in the United States of America…and a couple in Japan and Puerto Rico).  It’s a training position where I will train for a while and then, possibly, be relocated to take a management position on.

Pipe down everyone…no need to stress about the relocation yet.  I’m taking it a step at a time and right now the good news is that I’ve pushed my impending unemployment out from four months to more than 12 months…so that’s great!

I’m so excited and am so grateful that things worked out the way they did.  I was able to finish up clean and strong at UT and will be able to start fresh when I come back to the honeymoon (will even be able to use my new name at the new job right away).  It really is so ideal…for me anyway.

Tanner and mom are both a little bit nervous that I will be at the mall everyday knowing that it sometimes take a very strong force of guilt to keep me OUT of the mall, but I know I’m just going to have to be strong.  Not like I can go around buying everything I want and returning it the next day…don’t want to get the rep in the mall as the “buyer’s remorse girl who works in the management office” do I? No, definitely not. So, I’ll just have to be strong…maybe I’ll pick up mall walking…who knows?

At any rate, I’m excited to finally tell everyone and I’m very exited for this next chapter of life to start for Tanner and me.  AND as if starting a new job one day back from the honeymoon wasn’t exciting enough, we’re painting the house too. Well, I’m painting the house…starting on interior walls and slowly…slowly…slowly working my way all through the inside of the house to all the rooms that aren’t finished yet. I’m DYING to do our bedroom, but need our bedding and pillows and bed skirt and window treatments and curtain rods before I can fully begin on that.  So for now, I’m settling for the dining room area, some areas of the living room and the upstairs hallway before I beg Tanner to call someone to do our baseboards and paint the stairwell. 🙂 Never one to sit idly…I’ve got a lot going on and can’t wait to get it all started.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of us. It’s really paid off.  Keep those positive thoughts flowing our way.



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2 responses to “I Have a New Job

  1. Steph

    Aww congrats! That is great news! And SO you!

  2. SO excited for you and can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!

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