It’s My Last Day…

So, today is my last day at work.  I’ve finished all the projects I had in front of me, including a great broadcast message to our students about how to avoid bringing bed bugs back to campus after their spring break trips.

Now, I’m seriously just waiting for the day to end. I’m answering a few random emails, packing up the last few of my things in this office and ITCHING to get home.

Alas, I have Bag-a-Bargain shifting tonight which means from 5-9 I’ll be sorting through other people’s stuff and pricing it for the Bag-a-Bargain weekend. Don’t worry friends, I am not participating in Bag-a-Bargain…just doing a pre-sale shift tonight to help cut down on the make up work I have to do when I get back since I’m missing the biggest event of the year.

Since I last posted, I finished up the card box and made the place cards and table numbers for the rehearsal dinner. I also sliced my finger open while I was finishing the monogram for the top of the card box, but it’s definitely healing.  I’ve been applying neosporin every couple hours and putting new band-aids on.  Unfortunately, I’ve gone through two WHOLE boxes of band-aids, but it’s pretty much working. So keep your fingers crossed for a basically whole heal before I have to have my hands photographed.  Yeah…it was my left hand index finger.  It was a bad cut, but I manned up and (even though I cried when I put it under the water to rinse it out) it’s getting better.

Currently, I am excited to get home and start packing. I have a couple new swimmies (I couldn’t resist) and a few new dressies for the trip. I.hope.I.hope.I.hope.I.hope that the Bag-a-Bargain stuff goes by quickly tonight…not that I don’t want to hang out with my good friends in the alphabet nearest me in the provisional class, but I also want to get home and relax.

I DO have the whole day off tomorrow, but I have to go by the Emporium to do a walk through (and see the exhibit–keep your fingers crossed it’s good); pay All Occasion’s Party Rentals and drop off the floor plan for them; go take some money out of my account; and several other simple things that I have left to do…most of which escape me right now because my list is not RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.ME. Oh yeah, I’m going by the church too to make sure the bulletin is ready to go.

I am just so freaking excited I can’t wait to get all this underway.  I just can’t wait to marry Tanner and celebrate with all of our friends and family…Goodness, the excitement is almost too much to bare!


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  1. Mom

    I am so excited too! Enjoy tomorrow! You officially are unemployed for a few days! All the fun, and none of the worry. Love you!

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