The Wedding Festivities Start Today

I don’t have much time for a big post, but I’ll give you a little something just to kill the time as I wait for my mom to get over here to pick me up.

Right now, Tanner is telling me, “You’re close to the 50 pounds, Bubba.” I said, “It’s fine. I’m not worried.” And he said, “Ok…we’ll see.” 🙂

He always worries about it, but I’m sure I can scrounge up 60 extra bucks to pay for the extra weight. It’s my honeymoon!

In just a little bit, Mom will be here to pick me up. We’re going to load all the stuff we need into the car and then head to the bridesmaid’s luncheon. Then we’re going to pick up my dress and then get our nails done.  I’ll have A.LITTLE.BIT of downtime at home today before heading back out to Knoxville for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner at Club LeConte.

I am so excited to see some of my family that I haven’t seen in forever. A couple of family members couldn’t make the long trip (my cousin Michael and cousin Dagny and her family) but we’ll be celebrating with them in spirit.

I haven’t seen my Aunt Joy and Uncle Bobby or Aunt Helen and Uncle Alan in a VERY long time. Not to mention that the last time I saw Kristen and Tyler, they were in diapers. I am just bursting with joy right now and can’t wait to get the festivities started.

New friends and old are all pulling together to make the day perfect for me and Tanner and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited. Beth and Allison are working to make the reception beautiful…and they certainly have a bit of a challenge…but I have all the faith in the world they’ll be able to do it.  What great friends to offer to WORK while the rest of us are free and easy. True friends…true, true friends. I am so blessed. Thanks to Beth’s husband who will also be helping to set us up. What a good guy!

Anyway…now it’s time to check the list and see what all has to be done today.  Not much, I know…but seeing all the things checked off my list makes me feel really good. Tanner has a list too, but he’s being really gracious about getting those things done for me.  He’s really great!

Ok everyone…enough of the wedding ramblings. I’ll see you all soon.

Word on the street is that our names are on the church sign…so we’re practically famous. 🙂


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