The Honeymoon Has Begun

So, even though our phones didn’t work, I decided to blog a little each day of the honeymoon so we could remember what we did while we were on our longest vacation ever.

I was going to do one long post, but, decided instead to break them up into days (at Tanner’s suggestion). Not sure how I’ll put them out, but, beware, the Harris Honeymoon posting will begin soon! I know you’re excited!

Keep in mind that the postings were done at random parts of the day. Though I’m going to try to get the grammar and tensing unified, I make no promises it will be perfect!

Before I start though, thanks to everyone who made our wedding weekend so perfect. We haven’t been able to stop talking about how lucky and blessed we are to have such wonderful friends and family who showered us with such an outpouring of love (puns intended because of the rain :)). We had so much fun and through all the stress of planning, it was so worth it. A special thanks goes out to Beth and Allison for helping ensure the Emporium was perfect as I couldn’t be there to help set it up. Their hard work made for a beautiful reception site. Thanks so, so, so, so much for that!


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