Our First Married Weekend Was a SUCCESS!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog of any substance (with the exception of the Honeymoon Sunday blog that just went up), but we’ve been super busy.

After we got back from the honeymoon, we had to open all of our presents (there were so many and the wrapping was so pretty) and start writing thank you notes (they’re going…just not quickly…so bear with us :)). This is what our house looked like after we got done:


Presents, presents, presents!


So much wrapping paper and boxes and bows and fun! We had to leave all that there in the corner of our living room until Wednesday night so it wouldn’t be sitting on the street the whole week. It was crazy messy! But oh so much fun! So much fun!

After we opened everything, we had to put it all away, which was a project in and of itself! While I was doing that, Tanner was doing laundry…so we didn’t get to rest at all!

Then, on Monday morning, (even though we were both off) we had a lot to do, too. I had to go to the DMV and the Social Security Office to get my driver’s license and social security cards changed because I started a new job on Tuesday.  Tanner slept a little late and was going to do a couple of errands and projects, but his car died while we were gone, so he spent most of the day trying to figure out WTH was wrong with it.  (It’s fixed now, but it was a stressful couple of days while we were figuring it out.)

Then, like I said, I started a new job on Tuesday.  So far, I love it! I’m training under the Director of Marketing and Business Development at West Town/Knoxville Center Malls (owned by Simon Property Group). I will train with the director (my title is the same as above, except I’m the assistant director) for a year or so and then most likely be transferred/relocated to another property (at any one of the 350 properties in the US, Puerto Rico or Japan…though probably not Puerto Rico, Japan or Alaska haha :)).

It’s been a busy week getting acclimated to a new job and reading policy and procedure guides, meeting new people and just getting the general hang of things, but I am enjoying the challenge.

I went home to Clinton to hang out with my mom one of the nights last week while Tanner was out for boys night. We talked and visited and had a yummy dinner.

Also, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond and Lowes to get some of the things from our registry that we haven’t gotten yet. So that was really fun because we didn’t have to spend any of our own money. We finally got our pictures uploaded from the honeymoon and I’ve started to get back to blogging (but not the gym yet, yuck :/ but I’ll start back next week because I have an appointment with my trainer).

Last night we went to Brian and Alison’s for a cookout and Four Loko party…it was cray-cray but we had a blast eating burgers, brauts, playing Jenga and getting a Shake Weight tutorial, but mostly just hanging with our friends that we missed so much! We slept in a little this morning and then I went to Lowes. I got our new blinds and some gardening stuff as well as paint samples for our bedroom. I planted in the front yard and we hung our blinds downstairs. It was an exhausting day, but it ended with an amazing dinner (that we ate on the back balcony) and then we took a walk with Toby around the neighborhood just because she has been so good this weekend.

Here’s the front yard so far:


Daffodils, Dianthus and a pre-potted planter collection. Some of the daffodils grow there and some were relocated from the side yard today...hopefully they'll thrive and grow instead of die! I also did the mailbox planter, but don't have a picture of it yet.


So, sorry I don’t have more blogging for you and nothing more interesting to tell everyone, but we’re exhausted and just now settling in for the night…it’s the best I can do, because my productivity level is dropping quickly.  All I have left to do tonight is put the bed skirt on our bed and help Tanner hang the blinds in the office. (We’re leaving the blinds in the guest room and our bedroom for another day this week!)

Love to all!


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