Babies Are On The Way!

Haha. Got ya!I needed a good hook line to get you all to read my blog after I’ve been gone from it for so long. What better than announcing babies?! Plus, would I really announce a baby on my blog before telling our family? I hope none of you are thinking that I would! haha. Take a big breath Mom and Silvia! I know you were nervous! 🙂

Babies ARE on the way, but not ours! Not for a long while. It’s a bit too early for that for us!

But Raluca and Chris’s baby is coming soon and I’m helping throw them a shower today. I’ve made 4 dozen mini cupcakes and decorated them with pink and orange frosting with pearl, orange and pink sprinkles and they’re going to be delicious. Lita and Jordan have made red velvet cake balls and I believe that Molly has orchestrated us some delicious fixings for Bellini’s. I can’t wait to meet baby Eliza and I know that she is just going to be amazing (because her parents are).

My bff Steph has a baby on the way too. I think it’s going to be a boy. They won’t find out for another little bit. Baby Patrick won’t be here until November, but my little Steph is looking so cute with the little baby bump and I know they are so, so excited. I am pumped to spoil her little nugget rotten and can’t wait to meet it (still an “it” for now until I know for sure what “it” is!

We have a summer full of festivities coming up. Lots of weddings, lots of travel, hopefully lots of fun, too!

A couple weekends ago we went to the Lost Sea with Kelly, Brian and Alison. We went on Sunday and had a pretty good time.  This summer, we hope to do a lot of the little day trip tourist things that our great state has to offer. Also on the to do list is See Rock City and Ruby Falls. A day in the Smokies might be on there too and (though Tanner doesn’t want to) probably a trip to Dolly Wood (I still have a “Bubba for a Day” coupon from Christmas that I didn’t use on dance lessons for the wedding, so he might be in trouble)!

Here is our framily (friend family) photo of our trip to the Lost Sea:

Framily Trip to the Lost Sea Adventure

Also last week, I went to the dam with my favorite friend, my mom. They opened the flood gates at the dam last week and spilled for ten days. If you haven’t ever seen it, you missed it this time, but I recommend that the next time you hear about it, you make a trip out to Anderson County to see it. Here’s a WBIR link to the story about it –>

The spilling of the dam holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it a beautiful and amazing sight to behold, but my grandparents (Nana and Pop) took me there over 13 years ago. That trip and their desire for us to take it with them resonated in me and the majesty of it always overwhelms me. Norris Lake is my favorite place on the planet and something about the roughness of the water coming over the edge of the dam combined with the eerie calmness at the top and on the marina side is truly a sight to behold. Honestly, the next time it happens…get out there and take a look. You surely won’t be disappointed.

A truly beautiful thing to behold.

Me and my bestie...thinking about our favorites!

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much, but during the wedding planning, the blog really helped me to keep things in order and be able to go back and track all that we’d been up to. Now that the wedding is over and we’re settled back into normal life, there isn’t much to blog about. We are almost done with the house updates.  I still haven’t finished painting our bedroom, but I did get my Nana’s bedroom furniture to tide us over until we are able to find some for ourselves. Also, our porch hasn’t been done yet, but we’ve talked to someone and he’s supposed to be coming to do it when he can fit us in.  It doesn’t seem like he wants our money that bad. He just lives down the street and so we told him that when he could get to it would be fine because we’re not in a huge rush, but it appears neither is he. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll get to it soon. I’ll probably call him this week to say, “Hey, we weren’t kidding ,we want our porch done.”

I still have the honeymoon posts in the queue on here and am hoping to get some free time sometime to get finished. I need to do it soon because it’s almost time to post wedding pictures.  We got our disks from our amazing photographer Katherine and I’m in the process of uploading them to our (my mom’s) Snapfish photo account.  When they’re up, I’ll go through and select our favorites and send out a link to everyone so you guys can order whatever you want too.  I can already tell that there is some really great stuff we haven’t seen yet.

I’m still loving my job and am still feeling very challenged by it. It is a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where the opportunity takes me and my family.

Other exciting news…Katie is graduating soon and Tanner and I couldn’t be prouder of her.  I’ll be celebrating with her next, next week while Tanner is in Memphis for BBQ Fest (remember, I told him that that trip could be a Tanner-only trip because it’s too much for me). I hope to maybe finish painting while he’s gone…but would also really like to get it done this week so it’s finished when everyone comes over for Mother’s Day dinner next Sunday.  Still no idea what I’m going to make, but I can promise it will be good and, if the weather is nice, we’ll eat on our back patio with the whole family. I’m kind of excited about that! I think it will be a fun evening for all.

Well…I’m off to finish last-minute prep for Raluca’s baby shower and other fun things. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday after the few days of terrible weather we’ve had! Love to all!


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  1. Mom

    I loved our date night at Norris Dam, and can’t wait to share Mother’s Day with my two beautiful daughters, my new son (in law), Courtney, and the other Mom and Dad in my daughter’s life! I think this Mother’s Day thing should be a new tradition! XOXOOXO

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