The Wedding Photos Are Available!!!

Well, the fabulous Katherine Birkbeck has delivered! She sent us our amazing wedding photos (and there are a lot of them). Some of you have seen the online album already, but these albums contain EVERY.PHOTO.SHE.TOOK in black and white and in color. I’ve uploaded the photos to Snapfish so you can go on and look through (I haven’t even seen them all) and order what you want.

There are four albums with A TON OF PICTURES each. Enjoy!

Wedding Album 1 (928 photos)

Wedding Album 2 (719 photos)

Wedding Album 3 (659 photos)

Wedding Album 4 (425 photos)

We were so happy to share our day with you all and are now so happy to share our photos with you. We can’t say it enough, Katherine did an amazing job and highly suggest that if you have something you need photos taken of that you call her up. She’s amazing and so very talented.  She truly turned our rainy wedding day into a master piece of photos and we couldn’t believe how well she captured the happiness and joy that we were feeling. We would recommend her over and over and over again. KB Photography. Give her a call. 🙂


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