I’m So Mad!

I got up this morning with the perfect intentions to blog while I watch infomercials for “10 Minute Trainer” (I think it might really work…) because my Aunt Karen said I should! But, like yesterday, my internet is STILL not working! I should have expected it because no one has been out to fix it yet (they are waiting to do that until Monday when they can be as inconvenient as possible), but, naively I got up expecting it to work.

I have had just about enough of Comcast, but I’ve been lucky enough to have to deal with Knology as well and they are equally shitty, so now that I’m involved in the battle (Tanner just has to wait until I’m mad enough) they better be seriously reducing our bill or we will try something else.

Anyway, rant over. I’m furious with Comcast, but lots of other great stuff has been going on since Mother’s Day (I think that’s the last time I blogged). I still love, love, love my job. My supervisor, Lauren, just took a promotion to  become the Director of Marketing at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. So while I’m super happy for her, I was stressed about managing the marketing at two malls by myself after only 100 days (approximately) on the job. But she was a good teacher who instilled a lot of confidence in me while I worked with her AND, even though she is busy with her new, HUGE mall, she is still responding to my emails :).

After she left (last day was June 4), we (my mall and assistant mall managers and me) had a conference call on Monday, June 6 at 2pm. On that call we found out our Regional VP was coming for a two day visit…on TUESDAY! We barely got 24 hours notice! Even though we were pretty much ready for it, I had some cramming to do so that I would know my (read: Lauren’s) deals and the numbers from the reports I’ve filed over the last few months. Also, on top of the VP visit, we had some auditors in from the sister company that owns part of West Town. STRESSFUL! But, I’ve been told I did well with both visits.

I also had to do our financial reporting by myself this month (for marketing). I was pretty nervous, but I did Knoxville Center and sent it to Lauren to check before I submitted it and,  after a couple changes, I DID IT! I “passed” financials! That was a big thing for me, an accomplishment for me, because financial reporting (I made a C in accounting and a D in finance in college) had never been a strongsuit of mine. I guess when it isn’t widgets and you want to do it well, you can be good at it (Tanner said I just didn’t try and “didn’t want to” be good at it so I wasn’t).

To keep from overwhelming me, Simon is working to find a new Area Director of Marketing and Business Develop (ADMBD as Simon calls them) and I think they will have someone hired soon. It will be good because I’ve had time to step up and prove I can do it, but also still have some leeway (when the new director gets here) to learn everything still.

On top of all my work stress, Tanner has been traveling a bit for all our summer festivities. He went to Memphis for BBQ
Fest while I was dealing with my first corporate visit (a few weeks ago) and then went to Nashville for Grant’s bachelor party. I think he might have traveled on other place between Memphis and Nashville, but I can’t keep up with it all! He has a few more summer trips coming up and we have a ton of wedding festivities to attend. Other fun stuff includes a Dolly Parton concert for me and Mom and possibly seeing Chicago at the Cumberland County Playhouse, Tanner’s trip to Boston with Karl and hopefully a few more day trips to do some Tennessee tourist things.

Yesterday, I got to help the family that won the $10,000 mall shopping spree from B97.5 spend their money. I wad kind of the mall liaison to help guide them through all their shopping in the most convenient pattern. The family only had four hours to shop, but they had done a lot of planning (they even had coupons) and was able to do it in 2 hours. It was the craziest thing to see, but it was much fun. They were a really nice family and Ashley and Brad from the morning show were so great! It was a lot of fun for a Saturday workday.

After work, I came home to try to upload iPhone pictures and pictures from my camera (the benefit of being able to log in from home) but it took THREE hours. F-you Comcast! So I was super annoyed, but we got to end the night at a beautiful dinner in celebration of Grant and Allison’s upcoming wedding. It was a beautiful home and a yummy meal (also some delicious blackberry lemonade).

I had hoped to upload some pictures, but as I’m on my phone, its a little complex. So, for now, this update will have to be enough. I, again, will say I will try to do better, but hopefully you’ll see why I’m having trouble finding time to do it!


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