It’s Been a Crazy Week!

Saturday last week, we went to an engagement dinner for Grant and Allison. We had dinner and visited with some of their friends and family. After that we went to Roosters to hang out with Matt and Lita for some adult, double date time since Lita’s mom was visiting and able to watch Eli.

Sunday, we got up to go to breakfast at Gourmet Market (as we are wont to do on a typical Sunday) and, luckily, ran into the Lohers. A very pregnant Raluca was looking beautiful, as usual, and little baby Eliza seemed content to give no indication that she was coming out of her momma’s belly any time soon. And who can blame her!?! I have been witness to at  least two amazingly delicious meals…one being a yummy cinnamon pretzel from Auntie Anne’s with the frosting dip–that she split with me–and another was the so, so tasty Nutella French Toast she got as a dessert at Gourmet Market last Sunday. 🙂 With all that great food, I would stay put, too!

After our breakfast with the Lohers, we did our grocery shopping and then went to the pool to meet the Lohers and the Belchers and Lita’s mom and Pete. It was a great, hot, sunny day and we had so much fun hanging out with our friends and my little buddy Eli.  He is taking swimming lessons from none other than Mr. Ed! (Mom, you know him!) And Eli is becoming a little water dog. He is swimming so well already and is so acclimated to the water.  By the end of the summer and a few more lesson sessions with Mr. Ed he will be diving with Matt!

When we left the pool, we came home to make a steak dinner with the delicious horseradish lemon potatoes and some tasty steamed broccoli. Even though we ate kind of late, we enjoyed it because we knew we were about to embark upon a very, very hectic week.

Monday was not so crazy. I just had a busy day at work…but most of my days are busy now as with Lauren gone, there is a pretty big marketing hole to fill. She really had her stuff together after being the Area Director of Marketing in Knoxville for six years. Luckily, she taught me a lot pretty quickly and I have managed to keep things floating. I think I’m doing a pretty good job and I am enjoying it but I will be happy when our new director starts, just because I know that I still need some training on how to effectively manage and more training on how to effectively sell what the mall has to offer. Like I said, Lauren did a great job training me, but it will be nice to get to have a little more training time.  You all know, though, that I am pretty used to this “thrown into the fire teaching style” as it’s what I started with at the Mayor’s office back in 2006 (and learned that way pretty much through 2010 when I left). So it was only fitting that that happen here at Simon, too! (I mean they took me to a regional conference after I’d only been working there for three days…after an almost melt-down on day two of the conference–in the privacy of my own room–I think I’ve come a long way!)

For dinner, we had some delicious Bourbon Pork Chops with almond rice pilaf and some sautéed squash and zucchini.  I was hoping for asparagus, but it didn’t look that great at the grocery store. The sautéed squash and zucchini were just sautéed in olive oil with a little bit of minced garlic (the pre-minced kind) and a little bit of the sauce from the pork chops.  The pork chops were marinated in a mix of Bourbon (could substitute Coke), brown sugar, soy sauce, salt, pepper and some other stuff (check the link at the top of this paragraph for the full recipe) then cooked in the cast iron skillet. It was pretty good even though I was out of practice with the skillet and set the smoke alarm off because the skillet got too hot and smoked up when I put the pork chops into the little bit of oil that was warming there.  Oops!

I was a little sad as I was searching the Adventures of a Southern Newlywed blog because I found that she hadn’t blogged in a while. (I know, pot meet kettle!) But I figure, if she’s at all like me, she’s probably been really busy and has just been trying to get her home in order and is settling into married life and as there was less wedding details to talk about, the blog fell by the wayside. I’m sure she’ll pick it back up at some point! 🙂 xx Fingers Crossed xx Here’s Hoping xx

Tuesday, Tanner and I both worked again and then we had a meeting for this Young Professional for Alzheimer’s group that the Alzheimer’s Association is trying to put together. Tanner’s boss mentioned it to him and so because it’s a cause that we are both so passionate about, we decided to go.  The group isn’t all the solid yet and it’s something they are just beginning to sort out, but it was an interesting meeting.

(Side Note: Aunts and Uncles, a guy who works for the site was there and actually had a great presentation about testing for Alzheimer’s. He said you used to be able to pay to take the test online…and I think I sent you the link at one time…but now they are marketing it to primary care physicians because they feel that the results are better served to be studied and distributed by an actual doctor–namely a primary care physician. The thoughts being that if a primary care physician can test for it as soon as signs begin showing up then it might be possible to determine how to help that person battle those symptoms…maybe with exercise, brain puzzles, reading and other forms of mind work).

Anyway, we’re going to check that out a little bit and see what we think. It looks like they will probably be presenting a seminar quarterly to discuss the things that people on their Facebook page find interesting.  We will keep you posted as that develops.

Wednesday, we were lucky enough to come home and be able to enjoy dinner. We had spaghetti with meat sauce and french bread. Simple easy dinner because I had planned to go to the gym. But as I was coming home from work (dutifully already dressed for the gym) I hydroplaned a little bit on the interstate and got nervous (for those of you who knew me then remember that rainy wreck after Nana’s birthday dinner at Harrison’s…). So I ended up just going home. I did do a little bit of weights and strength, I just didn’t do the cardio…which at this point is probably what I should be focusing on to burn the billions of calories I’ve eaten since I married my wonderful husband (who has been diligently riding his back since we got back from the honeymoon).

Thursday, we went to a wedding for our friends Clint and Mary Porter. It was at Hunter Valley Farms. It was so beautiful and Clint and Mary both looked great. I had to laugh (to myself and to Tanner) during their ceremony because Clint was SO emotional…tearing up big time and actually having to wipe his eyes several times, but Mary was so calm and was actually kind of joking around with him at the outdoor altar. It was so cute. You could really tell that they were ready to be married (and get to the Bahamas after all the partying was over….who could blame them?). Mary is a teacher and since the wedding was outdoors (reception in the Pavilion) she had put together a program/fan for everyone, but one side had a word search on it with things that related to them (Bahamas, Addi–their dog, Clint, Mary, teacher, loan officer, Hunter Valley Farm, green, yellow, blue–wedding colors, etc.) As we waited for the wedding to start, Tanner and I did the word search (I finished mine first :)) and then went to work finding words that were not originally listed in her list so that we might get extra credit if there was a prize later. 🙂 Mary was a little busy so she just gave me an extra bag of Ham n’ Goodys Lemon Iced Cookies  as a prize (which I thought was a fair deal).

Last night, I was so tired…I had a long day at work chasing people around to pay up on their leases that were past due and trying to figure out a super tricky daily report that we have to run. Usually the report is pretty easy, but yesterday it was really tricky and it took me a long time to figure out, but when I did I was super proud of myself. I told Tanner about it when I got home and he said, “You get an A for Awesome instead of a D for didn’t try!” which he loves to say to me as I tell him about all the financial reporting that I have to do in this job because of how dis-interested I was in anything finance related in college. It’s actually a really cool part of my job now, ironically. But after I made it to the gym (I so badly hoped my trainer would flake so I could just run an 11 minute mile and leave, but he showed up) I had a pretty good workout and felt much more energized when I left there. When I got home, we decided we’d go to dinner and a movie with Crystal and Louis since we hadn’t seen them in so long. We ate at Pelanchos and then saw Hangover 2 at the Pinnacle. It was so much fun, but we got out of the movie way past my bed time!

We slept in a little bit this morning (by slept in I mean I got up at 8am and Tanner is still asleep) and basically have no plans to do anything today except for at some point make a menu (which Tanner will hope I’ve worked on before he gets up) and a grocery list (see previous parenthetical insert) so we can do our shopping without much effort. We’ll probably cook dinner and just take it easy today.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Kingsport to celebrate Father’s Day with Eddie and Silvia. We would have been up there today, but they are traveling back from St. Lucy (lucky dogs!) and a beach vacation today. They’ll be home tonight, but we figured we’d give them the night to get settled in back at home and then spend the day with them tomorrow. We are looking forward to it because Tanner didn’t get to see his parents when they were in a couple of weeks ago for a wedding since he was in Nashville with Grant, and, even though I was here, I had a really busy work weekend and didn’t get to spend much time with them either.

So, that’s our week in a not-so-nutshell nutshell. As I promised, here are some pictures of us at some of the stuff we’ve been up to since we got back from the honeymoon.

This is from Matt and Autumn Synowitz's wedding. It was hot, so we were a little shiny, but it was a beautiful wedding at Castleton Farms and they served this delicious drink that was a mix of vodka, lite beer and raspberry, so good.

This is another one from the Synowitz wedding. This was as we waited for them to cut the cake!

The dress I was wearing is from The Limited and I ordered it online since my store at West Town never got it in. I ordered it in a medium, but it was too big so I altered it myself to wear to the wedding. It worked out well as my “wedding dress” as I wore it here, to Clint and Mary’s wedding and probably to Amanda Turner’s wedding on July 1st. 🙂

This picture is from the 500 Block event for the East Tennessee Community Design Center (that Tanner is on the board of). This was as we were leaving the event. It happened last Thursday.

Also, for those of you who are interested, I got our Comcast situation worked out where I got a credit back for the time that our internet was out (a whopping $10…but it was the principle of the thing) and plan to call them every time it goes out because as long as there is a record of it in their system, you can get a credit back for it to your account for that time. I think they do it by the day, too, even if it is just out for an hour or so…even if they do it by the hour, I’ll be calling them to let them know.  Also, they lowered our bill by $15 a month (which is not the $30 I was anticipating), but I plan to call around and price services with other people and seriously consider switching (and calling them to let them know that we will unless the bill goes down even more). I’m done letting them just take money from us every month without offering the service they should. Tanner’s glad I’m fired up about it so that he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. 🙂

Ok, so there’s your blog update for this week…I’m off to determine what we will be eating this week…it will be an easy trip to the store since Tanner has a work meeting two nights this week. 🙂 Yeah/Boo for that!  Any suggestions for new recipes or menu sites to try…we’re getting bored with our same ole, same ole…send them in the comments!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Blog Update: Baby Eliza Morgan Loher born June 18 at 6:48 am, 5 lbs 10 oz, 19 inches. More coming soon! I will post pictures of my new baby girlfriend as soon as I see her pretty face! So excited to have another baby girl to love on! My Kendal is getting so big and smart! 🙂

Raluca's Baby Shower...all the girls that will help make sure that Eliza is fabulous and fashionalbe ALL the time! (L to R: Molly, Lita, Raluca, me and Jordan)




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  1. Maria Gee

    Your life just seems wonderful! I am so happy for you! Good friends as well! How is Mrs. Patrick doing? When is her baby due?
    You take care!
    Mrs. Gee

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