Ten Fingers, Ten Toes!

Just visited with Baby Eliza and her parents! 🙂

She is beautiful. I won’t post pictures until Raluca and Chris do, but I can truly attest that she is a pretty, pretty girl! They will probably be able to go home tomorrow night.

I am so glad that baby Eliza came just in time for Chris to celebrate Father’s Day with her and Raluca. He is such a great husband and friend and I know he will be a great father. He is already in love with her!

In honor of my new little girlfriend Eliza, I wanted to post some pictures of my original beautiful baby girlfriend, Kendal Riley! My beautiful little baby niece… 🙂

My "dad" Jerry with me and Kendal on her 2nd birthday.

A true testament to the woman she will be..."These are mine now, let's trade!"

This is one of my favorite pictures of my little princess.

Little Cow!

Some of you who know me well know my family is made up of a lot of people, some blood related and some not.

My Riley family is part of my chosen family. Part of my family who stepped in to teach me that its ok if things don’t go exactly as they were originally written if you have people around who love and support you. Papa Jer is the down-the-street-dad who stepped into my life when my real dad stepped out.

He and his family are my family.

Love you, Pigeon. Love you Sharon. Happy Father’s Day, Jer! (Even though it’s early! :)).


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