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This week, maybe because we had such a busy weekend, neither Tanner nor I was super pumped about grocery shopping or determining what was going to be on our menu. Usually when we’re going to be home all week and get to eat dinner together every night, we get excited about making really great meals and eating them at the end of a work day/work out. Today, though, neither one of us was really excited about anything. So below is what we came up with.

Sunday: Manicotti

I finally made the manicotti I had planned for last week. Our busy schedule got ahead of us and we just couldn’t get it together to get this meal made. So I did it Sunday night. Remember, I made two batches (one for us and one for the Lohers).

In addition to the manicotti, I had a carrot cake recipe I was looking forward to trying. I don’t particularly love carrot cake, BUT I love cakes and I love carrots, so I decided to give this thing a try. It’s from Fitness Magazine and I think part of the reason it looked so delicious was because of the way Fitness Magazine put the recipe together on the page.

Carrot-Cake Bars from Fitness Magazine (p. 138 from June 2011)

You can find the recipe online here (the only difference in mine and theirs is that I only had enough carrots to do about one and a half cups of shredded carrots). Fitness Magazine hadn’t posted the recipe online yet, but apparently she thought it sounded good too and she typed out the recipe so I don’t have to! 🙂 Here’s what my cake looked like….you can see hers on the jump…

My Carrot-Cake Bar...delicious!

Speaking of carrots and cake, I stumbled upon this article from Fitness Magazine online as I was searching for the online link to the above recipe. Carrots N Cake is a blog devoted to a healthy balance…something I’m always looking for. Right now it looks like she’s dealing with some issues, but looking around in the archives, I saw some pretty interesting stuff. Check it out, if you want…I’m hoping it will provide some more great ideas about mixing my favorites (cake) and the necessary (veggies and exercise)!

Monday: Leftovers.

We are pretty sure we will have enough manicotti to feed us tonight, too. I’m so glad we split the normal amount with the Lohers because we always have too much when we make the whole thing ourselves. “Why don’t you half the recipe?” you ask…the answer: its tough to half the recipe for manicotti because of how the noodles are packaged. Kind of a cop-out, I know, but its true.

Tuesday: Oven-Fried Chicken (with carrots and green beans)

This recipe is from “The Taste of Home Cookbook” and I’m looking forward to it. Like I said, we weren’t that excited about any of our meals for this week, but I thought that fried chicken sounded pretty good and we had carrots and green beans in the pantry so that was going to help cut costs at the grocery store. So we added it to the menu.

Oven-Fried Chicken from Taste of Home Cookbook

What I really wasn’t prepared for was that, at the grocery, the chicken breasts were really expensive this week. We still got them and this is what we’re having. I’m thinking that it’ll be pretty good, but wish those breasts had been a little cheaper!

Wednesday: Bean Quesadillas

As our vegetarian meal, we’re doing refried bean quesadillas. (The manicotti wasn’t really vegetarian because I used Italian sausage spaghetti sauce and put bacon bits in the spinach salad we had as a side.) We’re using the tortillas that we’ve already got in the fridge and then using a blend of white Mexican cheese and the blended (yellow and white) Mexican cheese. We will probably add a little taco sauce and sour cream. Really difficult stuff :), but it will work and be filling!

Thursday: Leftovers.

We are leaving Thursday up in the air because this is the night Tanner usually goes out for Boys Night. Not having a meal planned for Thursday also helps me out in that I can stay at the gym longer or work a little later without worrying much about missing dinner. Also, it helps out if we have any leftovers left over that we haven’t eaten yet.

Any ideas on what we should have next week, or other great blogs to check out? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s another little nugget of awesomeness for you I found as I was browsing around the web looking for Monday Motivation for my workout. It’s a FLOW CHART that (kind of aggressively) encourages you to work out. Probably something I could put to good use each DAY (this website has boy versions and girl versions to download and print if you’re interested). As for my motivation to workout today, the fact that we’re having leftovers  means that I don’t have to much dinner prep so I’ll probably try to get in a pretty solid workout with cardio and strength. Go me and you should, too!


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