Menu Monday (on Tuesday)

So sue me. With the long holiday weekend, my Monday got away from me. So we’ll continue (as I’m sure most of you did at your jobs today) thinking/acting as if it is really Monday instead of Tuesday.

Our menu and shopping was a little messed up this week with the holiday and we were so confused!

To kick off the holiday weekend, I went to my college roommate, Amanda Turner’s, wedding with my Mom. We were besties in high school and suitemates during freshman year and then apartment buddies (shared a bathroom) during our sophomore year. Her wedding was in Norris at the tea room near the dam. The ceremony was outside in the amphitheater…it was intimate, beautiful and so very Amanda.

Her now-husband Robert is a chef and boy did he provide a spread (I think I was told he did most of it himself, cooking right up until Amanda said, “Put your suit on honey!”) that was beautiful AND delicious. There was roast beef, smoked salmon, an amazing fruit display, yeast rolls, six layer taco dip, grilled veggies (including squash, peppers and asparagus), pulled pork, baked beans, and so much more! For dessert, there was cake (obviously!) and these delicious chocolate cookie things with marshmallows on top…like a s’more. It really was amazing and beautifully done…and it tasted, well, UH-MAHZE-ING! Seriously.

Saturday, I had to work at Happy Birthday America (see previous post for pity-party), but I came home to a husband who had a great idea for the burgers we grilled out. He found the recipe online and put the list together for dinner and basically coordinated the impromptu cookout. When we got back from the grocery, he made the burgers too. He did our blue cheese burgers and I made Crystal’s non-blue cheese burgers (recipes to follow).

Saturday: Blue Cheese Burgers, Baked Beans and Potato Salad

The Blue Cheese Burgers were all Tanner’s idea. He decided that’s what he was looking for so he set to work finding a recipe that fit his fancy. He left out the hot sauce and substituted minced onion for chives on account of things that I like and don’t like. (Aww…how sweet! :)). Since Crystal didn’t want blue cheese in her burgers, he set aside some ground beef for her and I put Worcestershire sauce, hamburger grill seasoning, and a little minced onion into hers. Tanner grilled them all up and everyone who came brought sides (pasta salad, potato salad, chips–all store-bought). I made baked beans (read: poured a can of the Bush’s honey baked beans and a can of the Bush’s maple cured bacon baked beans–both store-bought and the small cans, not the large ones–into a pan, added a squirt each of French’s yellow mustard, Heinz ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and maple syrup and brought to a boil stirring occasionally until time to serve).

Sunday: El Pavo China Inn Get n’Go.
Sunday we had brunch at Gourmet Market (our traditional Sunday brunch) and made our way to Home Depot to spend the rest of the gift cards we had in the stash from The Boone Household.

After getting almost no help from anyone in the garden section, we made our way home with our loot. We let it cool off a bit (read: waited until the hottest part of the day) and then got started. We replanted the front of the house and the mailbox planter. What do you think?

These are impatients and Coleus plants (I used to buy those for my Nana for her garden).

In the planter box (kind of hard to see) there are some really cool annual plants.

These are vincas.

Home Sweet Home!

After the yard work, we went into Clinton to trade out cars with my mom. Tanner’s car is STILL in the shop with no end in sight so my mom was kind enough to loan me her car so Tanner can drive my car until we get his back.

Since we were going into Clinton we decided to eat at El Pavo, but it was closed. So I opted for my second favorite, China Inn, but it was also closed! So we ended up back at Get n’ Go (I wasn’t sad) and took it to my mom’s to eat. We visited with her a bit, traded cars and then headed home to veg out…so nice.

Monday: White Chicken Chili.

Tanner had been wanting this since last week, so I made it for him Monday night. We did our grocery shopping at a new Kroger (trading up Clinton Highway for the one we go to on Middlebrook from here on out on a trial basis) and then came home to put everything away. Shane invited us over to the pool and we arrived there in time for a monsoon so we went to his house to eat junk food (read: Chips Ahoy Heath Bar Cookies and Baked Cheetos) and play card games (read: drinking games). When we got home, I cooked up this chili and it was delicious.

Tuesday: Ravioli, Texas Toast and Spinach Salad.

Tonight, Tanner took control of the kitchen again and made cheese ravioli (frozen) with Italian sausage spaghetti sauce, Texas toast and spinach salad (obviously stated above). We used the “Best Ever Green Salad” dressing on our spinach and topped the ravioli with Parmesan cheese. Simple meal, but delicious and I didn’t have to cook at all! Thanks Bubba!

Today is also our four-month wedding anniversary! Yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are trucking right along and loving married life (right T?).

Wednesday: Citrus Breaded Fish, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Carrots.

I’m making Citrus Breaded Fish for dinner tomorrow. The sweet potatoes will just be peeled and mashed. The green beans and carrots are really just to provide some green to the meal but also to tidy up the fridge. We’ve got so many little leftovers (leftovers that aren’t enough to enhance a meal on their own and can’t be eaten by themselves really) that we’re trying to make our way through them before we have to throw them out.

I’m not sure where this recipe for Citrus Breaded Fish came from, but it’s basically a white fished dredged in a mixture of all-purpose flour, lemon-pepper seasoning and salt. Once taken through there you dredge it in the flour and then through some bread crumbs.ย  It’s fried up in a pan with canola oil and then topped with a sauce made from all-natural fat-free plain yogurt, some grated lime peel, lime juice, salt and honey. I think we’ve had it before, but neither one of us remember it, so we’re trying it again.

Thursday: Leftover chili.

Just because we’ll have enough (we can usually, very easily, get two meals out of the pot). It’s so tasty and even good in the summer despite being soup (that is not of the gazpacho kind).

Friday: ???

As usual, we are leaving Friday out in the open so we can decide what we want to do. Originally, Tanner was going to Nashville for Henson’s bachelor party (wa-hoo!) because I have to work this weekend (my first shift of manager on duty at the mall…wa-hoo again!) and will be pretty tied up most the day Saturday. Now we’re not so sure since he doesn’t have a car and doesn’t really want to drive my car all the way there without me in it. We’ll see.

Anyway, sorry the Menu Monday post was late, but, let’s face it, it’s really Monday in all of our minds even though it’s a four-day work week! ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, any suggestions about what to make? Put them in the comments!

For a funny Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday moment, look at my Winnie Bear in Tanner’s backpack!

Cat in a bag!


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  1. Love this idea of your Menu Monday. And I haven’t been to Gourmet Market yet, but reeeeeally want to try it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good, short, week dear!

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