We’re Finished!

“Finished with what?!” you ask. Well, we’re finished with the painting! FINALLY!

Today, we got up and went to brunch at the Gourmet Market (so tasty…I ventured out and had the cinnamon raisin french toast…it was good, but a little too sweet for a breakfast). While at brunch, we worked on our menu for the week and planned our grocery list. Check the Menu Monday post to find out what we’re having!

After we went to the grocery, we came home and I got ready to start painting. I put on my painting clothes, got everything out and realized I didn’t have any rollers for my brush! GRRR! So I changed clothes again and went to Lowes with Tanner to get those. We bought the rollers, a rake, and some Round Up. When we came home, Tanner helped me move the furniture and TV and all that stuff and I got to work. I quickly realized I wasn’t going to have enough paint to finish so I sent him back to Lowes to get another gallon of paint. With that trip, we used up the VERY last cent of our Lowes gift cards and all but 12 cents of the gift card Mrs. Gee sent us (Sorry Mrs. Gee…I still call Mr. Oliver his teacher name too :)).

It took a little bit, but I did finish our bedroom. We hung some of our pictures back up and then made our way into the office and hung up all our UT pictures in the UT room. I still need to order one engagement picture for the office and then one or two from the wedding for the bedroom. I’ll probably also get two or three for the hallway.

Here’s the finished product:

Just kidding, though it is sort of a finished product as every room in this house has been painted in this outfit. 🙂 What a masterpiece.

I’m still in the process of cleaning the bedroom (putting away laundry and sorting through the mess that has accumulated) so no pictures yet. As for the office, Wes/Gentry/Leslie, you’ll be pumped if you end up in there on an air mattress (not necessarily about the air mattress part, but about the UT room…it’s pretty cool). 🙂

It feels really good to have that done, before the cookout, before Tanner leaves for Colorado, before we get busy and into football season and just don’t get it done. I’ve been putting it off forever because we really just haven’t had time and now its done. It’s a great feeling and it looks good. There are a few mistakes that I’ll have to touch up with a sample of paint and a small brush, but for now, it looks good!

So now we’re slowly working on cleaning up the upstairs a little bit and then I’ll start on the downstairs. Sharon is coming in August (yeah!) so we’re just doing a good preliminary clean to prepare for her. We can’t wait to finally have her back!

That’s all now, no pictures until everything is cleaned up really well and then we’ll do the whole house in a post. I wish I had before pictures to show, but they aren’t really necessary. Because now this a cozy home that Tanner and I both love. All the painting I’ve done has really helped me in feeling like this place Tanner bought by himself seven years ago is mine too. He’s been very gracious in letting me have the freedom to decorate and nest (not for babies, Sean) so that it feels like “our” home and not just his home that I moved into. It’s been awesome.

BUT, all that being said, I’m so glad to be done painting. I know that when doing home repairs, you’re never really done, but it feels so good to be done PAINTING…a totally big job done off our check list.

For those that didn’t know, the checklist for me included:

  • Painting/Replacing the shutters
  • Putting stone in the garden and planting that.
  • Replacing our porch spindles with columns then painting.
  • Painting the interior of the house (every room).
  • Painting the hand rail for the stairs.
  • Repairing the hand rail at the top of the stairs and painting it.
  • Rearranging the furniture in the office.
  • Organizing the kitchen pantries and cabinets.
  • Putting shelving in the garage.
  • Getting a hose box for easy storage of our garden hose.
  • Getting bedroom furniture for our bedroom.
  • Backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Getting rid of the “jelly fish” leak in the bedroom.

All of that is done now and that is very exciting.  Now I just need to find some tall, shade-loving perennials for my front garden…hopefully that will happen this week!  Also, need to make a call to Will Beets so he knows its time to mow.

What’s on the list now?

  • Replacing the roof (thank you hail storm).
  • Pressure washing the house.
  • Replacing the back “French doors” in the dining room.
  • Adding window treatments in the living room and master bedroom.
  • Possibly staining/treating the back deck.

All these things on this secondary list are probably a long way coming, minus the roof repair. The rest of them (with the exception of the window treatments) will probably not happen until we decide we’re ready to sell the house.  I’m debating on window treatments right now because I’m just not sure I need them. I’m afraid it will make the living room seem more crowded and would look strange in our bedroom because of the different sized windows. So the verdict is still out on that, but for now…it feels great to be done with the painting. 🙂


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