Menu Monday

The menu is simple this week, but gourmet nonetheless.

Sunday: Roast BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.

We bought one of those roast chickens at the grocery store today because we knew I wouldn’t feel like cooking because of painting today. So since we had brunch, we made sandwiches on wheat buns with provolone cheese at around 5pm. They were pretty tasty and we coupled them with goldfish crackers…so grownup :). Don’t hate though, because the chicken was good (though we’ve both decided we like the classic savory roast chicken instead of the BBQ…we’ll know better next time) and the sandwiches were a nice easy meal with very little fuss! Nothing better than that.

Monday: Fish, Aborio Rice and Broccoli.

For our fish, Tanner wanted a Cajun seasoning, but we figured that would be too spicy for me (“Bubba, it will be picey!” I cried) so we decided that I could do a lemon pepper tilapia (basically the citrus breaded fish we had last week because I have some of that yogurt sauce left over) and Tanner could do his Cajun seasoning on a red snapper filet we’ve had in the freezer. I’m using our rice maker to make the Aborio rice (as good as mashed potatoes without all the work and butter) and I’ll just steam the broccoli.

Tuesday: Roast BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.

We’re doing left overs for Tuesday night because we might have a meeting. Tanner and I are part (we’ve been to one meeting) of a group called YPA (Young Professionals for Alzheimer’s). It’s basically a group of young professionals (duh!) who have been affected by Alzheimer’s in some way. It’s a cause we’re both passionate about so we’re trying it out. But Tanner has the meeting on his calendar and I do not and we haven’t gotten any correspondence about it, so we decided to do sandwiches just in case.

Wednesday: Vegetarian Pizza.

Mushroom Pizza

We were looking for a vegetarian meal, but were both kind of craving something with mushrooms or pizza (so easy, right?). So we did a little searching on the smart phone and came up with this Mushroom Pizza from

It’s got mushrooms (obviously) and spinach with mozzarella cheese. It’s on an olive oil and sesame oil base on a store-bought pizza crust.

We’ll probably have that on its own  because it will hit all of our necessary items (vegetables, bread and dairy) plus it matched up with what we were looking for. It’s not super low-cal (275 per serving) but it is high in protein and looks super tasty.

Thursday: ???.

We don’t have anything planned for dinner on Thursday because I’m meeting with my new trainer and Tanner will probably go to Boy’s Night. If he’s home, we might do the vegetable pasta with a little bit of Alfredo sauce.

Any ideas on what we should do next week? Leave them in the comments. We’re always up for something tasty and new to throw into the rotation.

Plus, I’m super excited to go to the new As Seen on TV PLUS store at West Town because they’ve got the meatloaf pan called “The Perfect Meatloaf Pan”.

Now, you know we usually do our meat loaf in a muffin pan so there are small servings already portioned out, but I love the idea that this drains off all the fat. I told T I was going to drill holes in the bottom of our muffin tins so I can have the same effect and he said that was fine so long as it wasn’t one of our good ones. 🙂 No one steal that idea! It’s totally patented now! Here’s the infomercial on the Perfect Meatloaf Pan in case you’re interested (I know you are).


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