We’ve Got an Appointment with Dr. Dolly!

Of course I’m talking about Dr. Dolly Parton. (Here’s a link to her graduation speech…so cool!) My friend Beth from UT gave me a copy of the graduation booklet that they used for that ceremony and IT’S SIGNED BY DOLLY! It’s one of my most prized possessions.

Dr. Dolly performing for UT

Honestly, mom, if you want to email me a copy of that photo of me BEING Dolly for Ms. Stroud’s third grade wax museum…now would be the time to do that. I’m sure everyone wants to see it! (Just take a picture of it with your phone and text it on over!)

For those of you wondering, I WAS Dolly in a third grade wax museum. I wrote an essay about her, borrowed a guitar (that I couldn’t play) and borrowed a wig from the Oak Ridge Play house and my Nana made me my very own coat of many colors (you can see the one mine was modeled after in the “Backwoods Barbie” video below).

I seriously just can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m not wishing today away at all, but am very, very excited to be seeing Dolly live with my mom.

She’s got no opening band so it’s seriously just Dolly! And it’s going to be awesome.

I ordered a shirt from her website to wear tomorrow, but it didn’t come in and now I’m filing a pay pal dispute to get my money back since it’s out of stock now (major bummer!) but that doesn’t dampen my spirits at all. The concert is going to be awesome!

Have I said that yet? A couple of times? Well, it IS going to be awesome!

I just think she’s great. My grandfather loved her too. I just think she sends a great message and does a lot for the people who love her. One of my favorite things my grandfather ever told me was, “Remember where you’re from. It will help you immensely in determining where you want to go.” I think that’s basically what Dolly does. She knows she’s from Tennessee, she knows exactly what she is and she owns it. She doesn’t care who makes fun of her make up or her wigs or her sequin outfits and sky-high heels or her…twins. She just is what she is and does what she does and loves it.

She has even said, “I knew that if I fell flat on my face, at least I would know that I tried, and that I would learn something from all that. I also knew at the time that given my size (boobs referenced again) that if I did fall on my face it would take forever to get me up.” I just love her and I’m certain it’s going to be a great show!

Even better, I’m off work on Monday after the concert so that I can sleep in and go to the gym on my own schedule. It’s my first day off work (besides a weekend) since I started in March. I’m pretty pumped about that even though I really love my new job.

The Dolly concert kicks off a great week because after my Monday off, I’ve only got a three-day work week before I head to Georgia on a road trip with my bestie Sarah for AKS’s bachelorette weekend. I’m hoping it’s going to be awesome!

While I’m doing that, Tanner will be heading to Memphis for the M-Town throw down wedding for Nicole and Andrew Henson. I’m devastated to be missing it, but I am doing so for an amazing cause! Here’s to a really great week!


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