Menu Monday

So I’m off today! Hooray!

Dolly was AMAZING last night. Awesome. Super cool. Just the greatest thing!

I’ll do a separate post about the concert when I get the pictures uploaded, so stay tuned! Even though I’m off today, no promises on when they’ll be up because I’m on no schedule today except for I’m about to go bust it at the gym then lounge around for THE.REST.OF.THE.DAY!

I made these S’More Cookie Bars that I stole from my friend Molly’s blog that she stole from this other blog on Sunday when we went over to Raluca and Chris’s house to see the women’s soccer finale. She made mici (pronounced meech) and we visited a bit before I came home to meet my mom for Dolly.

Yummmmmm....may I have s'more please?

I couldn’t find the calorie count on these, so I’m pretty sure they were low-fat, low-cal and super good for us! I could have eaten about 50 of them. Good thing the recipe only made 24. 🙂 I swear, if I could rid myself of this deadly sweet tooth I’ve got, my battle with the gym would be much less difficult, but I just can’t cut the sugar. I love it all. Boo!

Here’s what my cookies looked like.

Pretty ugly! Pretty tasty!

I think, though, I’d rather just have a regular ole s’more any day. I did mine in individual mini-muffin tins because I figured at least that way they’d be single serving. I should have just stuck with the recipe and they might’ve tasted better and looked more like the picture above (and been less trouble).

Baking is just not a strong suit of mine. Cooking: I can do, cobblers: ok, baking: not in the cards most of the time.

Oh well, onto what I am good at…dinner menus! So, for dinner this week, we actually got it all planned up on Saturday as we were just sitting around the house in a lazy day.

Monday: BBQ Blue Ground Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

This recipe is from Bethenny’s website.

Tanner isn’t pumped about it because he doesn’t love ground turkey, but he’s being a sport and letting me try it out. (I think probably just because of the blue cheese, which we both love). I’ll probably just buy the frozen sweet potato fries from Ore Ida and cook those up in the oven.

Tuesday: Pesto Stuffed Mustard Chicken, Aborio Rice and Steamed Carrots

This is another Bethenny recipe.

I’ll probably just use canned carrots for this and will absolutely use our rice cooker to do the rice that Tanner loves so much. I’ll most likely prepare this on Monday night after the burgers are done so I can just put it together on Tuesday and cook it without much fuss.

Wednesday: Black Beans and Rice

Chef Tanner is taking control this night. This is his meal and he does it well. It’s not my favorite, but he does such a good job preparing it (except it was a little to “picey” last time) that I just can’t resist.

Thursday: Mushroom Spinach Pizza

Yes, we did have this last week, but we had to buy two pizza crusts because that’s how they were packaged and we have enough spinach and mushrooms left over to do it again. It turned out pretty good from this recipe we used, but we’ll make it without the sesame oil this time considering neither one of us liked the flavor it added and I was supremely displeased when I found out the amount we used (just a teaspoon) was 45 calories! BOO! Also, we’ll use frozen spinach (dethawed) because it allowed us to put a nice layer of spinach on the pizza so it was filling. It was pretty darn tasty…and even though we used a lot of cheese, it couldn’t have been too high in calorie count (maybe 400ish for two slices) but it was covered with veggies, so it’s kind of a win-win!

Yummy week I think. What are you having for dinner?



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4 responses to “Menu Monday

  1. Kathy

    So I’ve been making a fajita of sorts for the last couple of nights. I bought a roasted chicken from the grocery, and diced a bit of it….Added garlic, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomatoes, salt, pepper — sauteed all this together and piled into a toasted fajita with a small amount of cheese….(very small)—smeared with some wasabi sauce…..easy, quick and pretty LO-CAL. Lots of food, which I like….gooey AND tasty…..

  2. Those Smore Bars are 0 Calories and 0 Fat grams if you can find them… HA!!! Aren’t they delicious? Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Oops! meant to put if you can’t find them… the nutrition facts!

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