I Feel So Smart!

I just have to say that I feel so smart today. Most of you know that, in college, my business minor was the bane of my existence.

My husband says, “It was hard and you did poorly because you DIDN’T try.”

And he was right.

In accounting and finance, I didn’t try because, to me, widgets and fake balance sheets made the whole idea of business budgets more difficult to understand.

When it become important to understand budgets…for our wedding…and I wanted to show my husband how hard I was trying to understand, do well, and manage our money for the wedding in the most responsible way, I took pride in putting together a budget that he would be impressed with.

This week, we started the budget process at work. Across the country Simon Malls employees are putting together the annual budget. The process consists of a hundred complex spreadsheets that build on other complex spreadsheets that produce numbers to fill into computer programs. It’s a lot and coming from the “didn’t try” D that I got in finance, I was nervous.

But, today, I totally rocked it. I got stuck once or twice, but by putting my head together with my new supervisor and using the knowledge I gained from my old supervisor and reading instructions carefully, I was able to do it. I did it!

When I finished, I did a little victory dance, gave a little fist pump and threw up a baby yahoo victory cry. It truly felt awesome.

I know the blog suffers because I’m so busy at work, but I can’t say it enough how happy I am to have landed this position. I know it means uncertain things about where we will live and what we will do in the future, but I’m excited about it because my brain is full and I’m challenged every day.

Being pulled out of my comfort zone at this job, almost daily, keeps me on my toes and I know its helping me garner the possibilities of real growth in my professional life, whatever that means, and wherever it leads!

I know this blog is a bit of a self-gloating piece, but I’m proud of myself and I felt like hollerin about it.

Go me!

I’ve got my stomach scope tomorrow, so I guess you could say I’m taking a three-day weekend in celebration of my big brain! Don’t stress or worry, its no big thing! You all know me and my acid reflux. We are just checking it out.

Sorry there was no Menu Monday post this week. Our dinners were a bit lame due to our weekends out of town so we kind of “just made due” and it was nothing to brag about (like the uber-difficult budget process I conquered today 🙂 tee-hee), so I didn’t! I promise to make up for it next week.

Happy Friday (tomorrow) ya’ll.



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2 responses to “I Feel So Smart!

  1. Mom

    Way to go girl. And call me the minute you get results from your scope.

  2. Lauren

    As your “former supervisor” let me say for all to hear (read), that I am so proud of you! I know you have the right mindset and abilities to go very, very far with Simon. I, for one, will be watching you every step of the way because I know that you are going to do great things. I know it’s been so very overwhelming, but you have handled it like a champ! I’m so proud (have I said that enough?).

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