Menu Monday

Here is it! You’ve all been waiting with bated breath…it’s Menu Monday. And can you believe it’s August already? It’s now only 48 days until my birthday! The big 25! Hope Tanner doesn’t trade me in for a newer model. He’s talking about going to get glasses, which makes me nervous because then he’ll be able to see me! Haha.

This week, we’re only cooking meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (also cooked Sunday), because Tanner won’t be around for dinner. The rest of the week I’ll be (hopefully) having some girl time with my mom and probably eating Lean Cuisine meals the rest of the time he’s gone. He will be back Sunday, which means that I’ll also be doing the menu on my own for next week and grocery shopping by myself.

Sunday: Mini Eggplant Pizzas.

If you read the blog Saturday, you know the eggplant predicament. Well, we decided to eat it…and this is how. I put both options before Tanner on Saturday before we went to the grocery store and he decided he wanted the eggplant pizzas from the Cheap, Healthy, Good blog. Raluca sent me a recipe for an Eggplant Pizza Bread to try, but Tanner had already decided on this, so we went with the mini pizzas. I told him if we like Eggplant, we’ll definitely try Raluca’s dish next.

Monday: Grilled Skirt Steak with Whiskey Dijon BBQ Sauce, Corn on the Cob, Mashed Potatoes

Even though we tend to do more chicken, pork and fish around here (with the exception of meatloaf night), I’ve been wanting a good steak lately. In searching around my faithful, go-to sites for recipes, I stumbled upon this little treasure.

I was drawn to this meal as much by the grilled corn as I was by the steak. I’m also doing mashed potatoes instead of rice and probably corn on the cob instead. We were going to do salad, but it is SO expensive to buy in bags and it goes bad before we can finish it. So we opted for potatoes.

Tuesday: Pasta with Asparagus and Mushrooms

This one came from the Cheap, Healthy, Good blog, too. It was the perfect storm. It came from, originally, and then was adapted here to be “more healthy” than original.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put spaghetti on my grocery list this week (doh!) so we’ll be scrounging around for whatever noodles we can find. I’ve got some regular egg noodles and I’ve got some Chinese egg noodles…so we’ll probably end up using those. No sides here, just the main dish.

Wednesday: Black Beans and Rice

Still have this on the menu because we haven’t been able to have it. It got bumped off the menu a few weeks ago and then with Tanner and I both being gone last weekend we didn’t shop and so didn’t cook and never put that on the menu last week for some reason. So it’s back on. Hopefully, we’ll get around to having it this time.

Also, a cheap grocery store trip despite all the fresh food we bought today. Score! Go us!

That’s about all I’ve got coming to ya. Looking forward to this dinner week because it’s all pretty gourmet, but still healthy and it’s all mostly vegetarian too (but that was totally by accident)…and once I start to tap into my Lean Cuisine meals, it won’t be true anymore.

Have a great tasty week everyone!


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