Menu Monday Update

Ok…so the menu posted this morning is a little off. Yesterday, we went to Pelancho’s to celebrate Crystal and Louis’s engagement! (Wa-hoo! :))

After lunch we decided to continue the celebration by inviting everyone over to our house for burgers. I made a beef version of our BBQ Blue Cheese Turkey burgers and we just did it simple with chips and pickles. So of course, the mini eggplant pizzas got bumped…to today. (Which probably means that the black beans and rice might be bumped again…we’ll see!)

So, here is Bubba getting ready to dig in to our mini eggplant pizzas.


Here’s a close up version of the mini eggplant pizzas.


We clinked our forks and took a bite. As we stared into each other’s eyes trying not to laugh at the fact that neither one of us liked it, we both finished the first bite. Bubba asked, “What do you think?” I said, “I don’t love it,” as I cut another piece. I said, “I might try it by cutting off the…crust, I guess.” Bubba said, “I might try that too, that might be the key.” So we both tried that.

And, to fully illustrate the level of adulthood we sometimes have at the table at this house…a photo.


Yes, that’s right. The remnants of the mini eggplant pizzas shoved over to the side and piled high with the cheese picked off the top while a cheeseburger takes its place as the meal for the night. I topped my meal off with some sliced strawberries, honey and sucra with two caramel flavored rice cakes. Perfect.

Can’t say we loved it and we probably won’t ever cook, order, buy or make eggplant again. At the very least, we tried it and decided, that we didn’t like it. At least we were mature about it! I still ascertain that if we had made the other recipe, we might have liked it better, but now, we’ll probably never know because we really didn’t like it.

So, thanks, Wes and Amanda, for sending us something from your veggie garden. Maybe I can be so bold (read: rude) to ask for strawberries next time. 🙂 Love you both!

As for the rest of the week, we will probably have the mushroom and asparagus noodles as planned (since the asparagus will go bad) tomorrow and then on Wednesday, we will have the black beans and rice since I know Tanner has been wanting them. Then, depending on what time Tanner gets back from his trip, we might have the flank stead on Sunday night…or at the very latest…Monday night.

Here’s hoping your dinners fare better than mine did tonight!


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