Tax Free Weekend is Over!

(Disclaimer: This post is designed to toot my own horn, about the strides I made at work this week in conquering a fear of mine about doing interviews–due to lack of experience–and about the great stuff I got this weekend on sale. I don’t claim that it isn’t at all materialistic…it is…but I know some of you will appreciate it. If not, stop reading after the interview clip. :))

I’m sitting on my couch right now, not showered (finished with  my chores) just enjoying the day.  (I’ll shower soon because I’ll want to be so fresh and so clean before I go pick my husband up at the airport, but for now…just relaxing.)

I’m doing this because I was on call yesterday, acting as MOD (Manager on Duty) at the malls this weekend for tax-free weekend. This is my second time to be on duty, but this weekend was so different from the last time. First, I started at KC to help out with the Back to School Bash (a bounce house and crafts and facepainting) and then watch the Back to School Fashion Show.  When all that was over, I went to WT to finish out my day closer to home.

I will just say that both malls were really crowded and super crazy with people searching for those great weekend deals. I did an interview with WBIR on Thursday afternoon at the mall about how the mall was gearing up for Tax Free Weekend. Here is the link again. <—This interview wasn’t live, it was done in the mall in the afternoon and then edited for the package on the evening news. The interview I did for the new WVLT Morning Show was a live shot where I was talking to Mora Kay in studio while I was at the mall. It was so nerve-wracking because I had the ear piece in and a microphone pinned to my shirt and all that. To prepare (after feeling I could have done better on the WBIR interview on Thursday), I asked for the questions I would be asked on the show to be emailed to me so I could put my thoughts together and really feel confident in what I was going to say and make sure I could get all the information in.

Of course, looking at this, I can see some flaws and things that I wish I had done or said differently, but I thought I would share it because I am proud of it. I felt like I did a pretty good job for my first live interview. I apologize that this is a video of the TV, but I couldn’t find the video online. The chatter in the background is my mom and our friend Papa Jerry!

I did do one other interview with WVLT, but it was late in the day on Friday and it wasn’t the best I’d done…I also can’t find that online and we barely saw it on TV while I was at mom’s.

So, anyway, I just wanted to share this because I am sort of proud of it even if there is still room to grow. It was pretty exciting to get to do it and I so appreciate my supervisor for thinking I could do it and encouraging me to do it!

Despite how fun the interviews were, I am glad tax free weekend is over.

I can’t lie, I did get a few things and I took advantage of some good deals inside the mall…I got some stuff at The Limited and Ann Taylor (all tops).

I've been waiting on this sweater to go on sale for a little while. It's very pretty with beading detail around the top. It will go great with a number of bottom pieces in my closet!

The little dots on this are red and I thought they would go great with my red skirt (Limited) or white pants (Limited).

I love cardigans and I love how femenine and pink this one is. It's very girly!

Great for work during football season! I snagged the last regular size from the store!

Outside the mall, I got a new apron at Pier One and a new pair of shoes from Marty and Liz (my happy place)!

I've been wanting this apron for a few months now. It finally went on sale and I got it for $13! 🙂

Via Spiga Jovie Bootie (mine are leather instead of suede) that I found at Marty & Liz.

This is basically what I'm envisioning this fall...and I'll wear my new shoesies, too!

Now I just pine over these (and may get them for myself as a 25th birthday present)…I mean it is just 42 days away…a pretty big birthday!

The Tory Burch Classic Reva Flat in black with gold medallion.


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