Vols Win!

Grabbed your attention with that, huh?

Sorry to disappoint, but I have not a single stadium picture to share yet this season. Last weekend, Tanner and I were at the wedding of my dearest friend Amanda and her now-husband Austin. This weekend, Tanner went to the game and I worked. (I know, crappy, but I had to choose to work this weekend or my birthday weekend…maybe the choice is a little more obvious now.)

At any rate, I know the hiatus this time for the blog has been long. Every day I think, “Man, I should really get on there and say something funny and/or witty and fill my fans in on what I’m up to…” But, alas, it never happens. I’ve been looking at computers so much over the last little bit at work trying to get my budget stuff squared away that when I get home, I barely even want to peruse Facebook on my phone (I know, GASP)!

T and I have been so busy that it’s literally the craziest thing (yes, LITERALLY). Both of us working crazy schedules, having evening meetings, fantasy football drafts, traveling and training…it’s so nuts.

I really don’t have a ton of interesting information to share right now. Looking back over my calendar, it’s really mostly work stuff that’s been taking over my life. At the end of August, I went on a business trip (I’m so grown up, anyway) to Jacksonville, Florida for some training. I felt lucky to get to go on this trip because it was for all the newbie marketing directors…believe it or not, I was the most veteran person there (with the exception of a Guest Services Manager who had just recently been promoted after 10 years in her previous post). Let me remind you that my start date with the company was March 15th (I can see you counting it up April 15th, May 15th, June 15th, July, August…). That’s right, five full months under my belt and I was the most senior person training.  The good news?! I didn’t cry ONCE at this training (like I did at the regional conference when I almost had a nervous breakdown)…I actually had a lot of good input and had a lot of good advise to give. Some other girls may or may not have cried (…may have…), but not me. I left for that training on Monday morning (at 5:50 a.m.) and got back on Wednesday at about 11. I worked Thursday and most the day Friday, then Saturday morning we got up and drove to Columbia, SC for the wedding.

I did the bridesmaid’s luncheon, took a nap, did the rehearsal dinner, partied a bit and fell into bed. Poor T had to spend most the day by himself on Sunday (sleeping in, watching football and watching football) while I got ready for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and then we went to the reception, partied with old friends and then headed home to bed. We got up Monday and got on the road pretty quickly. Halfway home I realized I had scheduled my training appointment for Monday evening…BOO! So I tried to move it, but ended up going anyway because I had no open free evenings to move it to. My trainer was really mean to me (I’m a hamster, ya’ll) because he said I need to change my diet or change my workout. The workout we did gave me a glimpse of what I had to look forward to if I didn’t start changing my diet…it sucked. He said, “You’re coming into the gym and spinning your wheels. You shouldn’t have to work this hard.” (Note the hamster reference.) That @$$ whopping from my trainer was  a great way to kick-start my week of mayhem.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was playing catch up at work from being gone for training and traveling and the Labor Day hoilday…then we had Fashion’s Night Out….a huge event we’ve been planning basically since a month after I got here. It was really successful (I’ll post pictures from all the things I’m telling you about once I get them uploaded…can’t you tell I’ve been super busy) and I was so thrilled about how it turned out. I think it will be even bigger and better next year.

That brings us to here because I played more catch up on Friday. It’s now Saturday and I’m so ready for the “weekend.” Another trade-off to working this weekend? I get an extra day off the week of my birthday to make up for my lack of Saturday this week. So not a terrible bag.

If you’re lucky, you might get a menu tomorrow…I am going to try to get us back into that routine and I will try (I promise, promise, promise) to get myself back on a regular blogging schedule. Note, I said I promise to try. So bear with me. I know I’ll have to work hard at getting you all interested and motivated again.

Love to all!


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  1. Mollie Bailey

    Who is your trainer??? I need them to get me back in shape.

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