The “Great Combiner” Strikes Again

That’s right…the “Great Combiner” struck at our house. “Who slash what is the Great Combiner?!” you ask, “Is it/he/she a super hero, a villain, does it work for good or evil?!

It’s me! And it’s a super power of sorts. Bubba calls me that because anytime we come home from the grocery, I work hard to keep the things in the fridge and pantry organized and clean (I know, that’s about the only place I do that). I combine the new mayo with the little bit that’s left in the old mayo jar. I squirt the old ketchup into the new ketchup bottle. I put similar granola bars in the same box so I can eliminate old boxes and clutter. It’s a really great feeling.

This afternoon when we got home from the grocery, I did both pantries. I know I need to do another cabinet (the one that holds all my baking wares), but I ran out of steam and now I’m blogging.

The Great Combiner has also prepared to share some of the promised photos with you from yesterday’s post.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but Bubba and I went on a hike a couple of weeks ago. It was a spur of the moment thing where I said, “Let’s go do something today. I don’t want to sit around the house even though we have a lot of stuff to do.” So we went. Here are some pictures from that:

We hiked towards Charlie's Bunion and The Jump Off, but didn't make it all the way to either one. I got excited about seeing a mountain we hiked there instead.

This is no stadium shot, but I was practicing for sure!

Here we are in the middle of the was so dark and eerily quiet there. The only thing you could hear was the shutter of the camera!

And here are some pictures from the Seals/Bersinger Wedding:

Here we are at Amanda and Austin's wedding. The wedding had a circus theme and so one of the guest gifts were red clown noses. Don't we make an adorably funny pair?!

And here's my bestie and her hubby! So glad to spend some quality time with them.

The beautiful bride.

Best friends!

Like I said, I have no photos from UT football yet because I have yet to go to a game, but I can offer up a few photos from Fashion’s Night Out at the mall instead. Here they are:

Here's me and mom on the red carpet at the Fashion's Night Out event. Doesn't mom look great?!

This is me and my partner in crime, Kippy, at the event. We walked the red carpet multiple times since we're the ones that rolled it out!


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