I’d Like to be Like “Danny and Annie”

…except for the terminally ill part.

I was reading a blog post written by my new friend (and Tory Burch soul sister) Martha Collins Penn (whom I know through my dearest friend, the newly married Amanda) and I just had to share it with you all.

What I’m about to share (and if you made the jump to Martha Collins’ blog, you already know) is in a similar vein to the post I did a couple of weeks ago about the movie Up, but is actually a real life story of true and devoted love. Also, I was particularly moved by this story TODAY because I thought of my grandparents during the five minute video.

While my grandfather (my favorite person in the whole world) did not die of a terminal cancer, he did die of congestive heart and kidney failure when I was 15…ten years ago last February and this is the 10th birthday I have spent without him (significant because we shared a birthday). Being without him, it is particularly daunting to me this year, as I am turning 25, that he is not here…tangibly with me…so that I can hold his hand, kiss his face, sit with him and hear him speak.

I don’t know what kind of marriage my Nana and Pop had before I came along…my deductive reasoning says not always a great one, but I do remember that each year on their wedding anniversary, Pop would send Nana roses  (they reached their 50th wedding anniversary just before he died) with a card that said, “Another damn year…I could have killed you and gotten out faster.” For some of you, those words may not seem particularly loving, but to me, the words ring in my ears and in my heart in a way that helps me to understand that love is different for everyone. For my grandparents, part of their love was displayed in this gesture of tradition.

Please don’t misunderstand, I witnessed numerous acts of compassion and love between my Nana and Pop…this one anniversary card that was always printed with the flowers delivered just rang loud in my heart as I watched this StoryCorps video (it’s a tear-jerker for sure…and it is actually posted below) because the words on the card weren’t particularly romantic words to say, but they illustrated a joke…a conversation…that my grandparents shared year to year.

As the video illustrates, love can be expressed in the simplest of ways.

“Wouldn’t you like a little ice cream?”

“I wish you’d drink a little more water.”

Those aren’t very romantic things to say, but they stir your heart, as Danny said.

Love is different for everyone…but we are all so lucky to have it. I hope you enjoy the video.


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