A Lazy Fall Sunday and Chicken Puff Pastries

Sorry it’s been a while ya’ll. I’ve been super busy at work and in trying to keep up my visits to the gym, I’m sacrificing blogging. 😦

Have no fear though, I’ve got lots of great stuff for you on this lazy fall Sunday!

I’ve been kind of inspired over the last few weeks. I may or may not have said that I saw a few pieces of Julie & Julia the movie a few weeks ago and decided that before I saw it, I wanted to read the book. So I bought the book at the Borders “Going Out of Business” sale. While I was there, I decided to also pick up Paula Deen’s autobiography.  I just love her and I was so excited to read her book that I trumped Julie & Julia the book to read Paula’s book. After finishing her book, I pre-ordered my Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible.


I have to say, I’m a little intimidated by it (similarly to how intimidated I am by The Joy of Cooking), because all the dishes are SUPER Southern, things that I have always wanted to have in my tool belt, but also things that I’m a little scared of because, as most Southern food isn’t, the calorie counts are probably NOT low! But I’m going to try to do some of those things occasionally, if only so I can say I know how to chicken-fry a steak. 🙂

I just love Paula Deen. I think she’s so sugary-sweet, but super sassy, too. You can tell by her book. She’s got a sort of sailor’s mouth and she’s tough! I’m so amazed by her story and I just think she’s the greatest! Right up there with Dolly Parton…and if you ask me, they’re kindred spirits.

Anyway, so I finished Paula’s book and got her new cookbook and now I’m cooking Framily Dinner. Here’s a photo of the framily:

I’m not making any Paula recipes this week, but I am doing chicken puff pastries. This is the first dish I ever made Tanner (to thank him for hanging my TV Christmas of 2008 and for spending some quality time with me on a really bad day for me). BUT in the spirit of Paula Deen, I took a recipe I’d used before and made it my own. She says, “A recipe is just a startin’ point, and [you don’t] have to stick to no recipe, even [hers], as if it was the word of God…[Don’t] take food so seriously and experiment with cooking” (p. 133). So, that’s what I did!

Now I still did the Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets, and I used chicken (of course), but instead of using the spreadable herbed cheese, I made my own. I took a little cream cheese and added dill weed (one of my new favorite spices), some lemon juice, a dash or two of paprika and some minced onion and garlic. Then I mixed all that in with the chicken (which I had shredded). Then I egg washed the pastries and topped with a little sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. They should be delicious!

To accompany those we’ll be having Aunt Janet’s Best Ever Green Salad and some whole-wheat egg noodles with butter and Parmesan cheese. Hopefully they will be delicious. If not, I’ll go back to using the solid chicken breasts instead of shredding them (but that’s how my friend April does it, so I thought I’d try it), and hope that the eight other people I’m serving them to, won’t hate them! 🙂

Also in the last little bit, Tanner and I booked our anniversary vacation to Barbados. We’ll be staying at the Ocean Two Resort and we are so excited. Every day we say, “Are we going today!? Yes, let’s!”

Our Resort

A view of the pool and beach

Looks great doesn’t it?!

My first fall weekend off work, was so great. We had tickets to see The Avett Brothers at Smokies Stadium in Pigeon Forge on Friday and I was finally able to go to a game (and tailgate). So it was a pretty exciting weekend for me! The Avett Brothers show was pretty good, they played most of what Tanner and I wanted to hear, but we didn’t love the venue at Smokies Stadium. We think (just in case they’re reading this) that they should have done a smaller show at played the Bijou Theater again or played a larger show and played the Tennessee Theater for a couple of nights, but we probably won’t go to Smokies Stadium again to watch a concert because they were so far away from us. We felt like we were closer to them when we watched their show live on TV. Despite the yucky location, we loved the show and liked being outside. The next day, I got to attend my first tailgate of the season. Here’s a photo of me and Tanner at it.

And here is our traditional game-day photo from the Georgia game and then from the LSU game. I’ll be on hiatus again until the MTSU game, but this was a good two-week run!

As you can see, its been a busy, but great couple of weeks. Sorry to disappoint though, there will be no Menu Monday post this week because after today, we won’t be cooking at home. I’ve got a corporate visit this week on Tuesday and we’re having leftovers on Monday. I’ll be so busy with the visit I won’t have time to cook and then it will be Friday, so we will figure something else out this week. Sorry! Hope everyone has a great week!


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