Update on Dinner This Week


As you saw in the previous post, the Tomato Tortellini Soup was pretty tasty and those huge Mock-ed Obster biscuits were a nice balance to that.  Somehow I’ve been able to show some self-restraint with them and only had a couple of nibbles, even though,left to my own devices, I could, conceivably, eat the whole tub.

That all being said, my poor husband has had enough. I mean, you can only eat soup for so long. Before we married, Bubba could fix one meal on Sunday and eat the same thing all week. Now that we are living in wedded bliss, he prefers a couple (or a few) good meals per week intermingled with a leftover night or two. Holiday is making that difficult as I’ve been a bit tied to the mall this week.

Fortunately for hubs, I’ve also been sick, so in between sips of OJ I called my trainer about my session tonight. He said, “Stay home, rest. We will get together next week.” Great! Permission from the trainer to skip the gym!

So even though I worked over an extra hour I was bound-and-determined to make that flank steak mentioned in the previous blog…well, Bub made it…he did the rub, I heated up the other stuff and supervised the broiling.

The rest, well, you read already. This dinner, though our first together this week that wasn’t soup, was a fail.

The rub was unsatisfactory to us both and perhaps the meat needed to be a bit more broiled. Also, Brussels sprouts taste like broccoli. I already like broccoli so I don’t feel the need to have a non-broccoli food that tastes like that in my diet. I’ll just eat broccoli because its my fav. I can now say, “I don’t like Brussels sprouts.” (Have you tried them?!?!) “Yes. Now I have! And since I’m an adult, I don’t have to eat ’em!!!!”  🙂

So, you guessed it, the only thing I enjoyed with dinner was the mini corn cobs. I ate five. Don’t judge. All I’d eaten today was some tuna and crackers and three cough drops. Again, don’t judge…remember, I’m sick. So I had one mini with my meal, anticipating I’d have two like normal, but when I didn’t like the meal I had a two more (they WERE mini ones so two equals one small cob, right?!?!). The fifth one was really just to tidy up so there wouldn’t be a weird left over.

Oh well, they can’t all be winners. At least we got to sit down at the table together because tomorrow night, I’ll be welcoming Santa to the mall.  🙂

Merry Christmas before Thanksgiving ya’ll!

Ps. The damage on my car is a cool $4,385.48. Bet you never would have guessed that!


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