Christmas with the H’s

This year, with the Christmas holiday falling on a weekend, and my work schedule being so hectic, we got a little scrooged out of spending actual Christmas time with both of our families. We typically alternate where we spend the actual holiday each year (one year we do Thanksgiving and the next we do Christmas on the actual days and do our typical family traditions and the other family works with us to fit us in so we get some time with them). Last year, we were able to miss very little with both families because of how the holiday fell, this year…not so much…so we went to the H’s this weekend for a quick Christmas visit.

We drove up there on Friday after work (I got to leave a little bit early and Bub was off…the little stinko-head) and went to dinner with the parents at Riverfront Seafood (careful if reading the blog at work…the link has some pretty loud audio). After dinner we went home and opened presents!

We got Mrs. H a holiday area rug from Kohl’s, three books she requested and a gift card to Salon Visage for a gel manicure. We got Mr. H a nice bottle of red wine and two golf shirts (although the one we ordered from a prestigious golf site in a medium actually came to us as an extra, extra large…so he’ll have to send that one back and pick out something else).

TH got two American Eagle polos (brown and green), a new pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes for work, an “I will give my all for Tennessee” slap sign for the office, two Nautica ties and Chuck Klosterman (sp?) book. I got a new end table and side table for our living room (that match our coffee table…thanks Amazon!), a new pair of Nike running shorts, some UT themed salt and pepper shakers (for tailgating) and a shirt I wanted from The Limited. Toby got a new metal water bowl and Winnie the cat got some Meow Mix Wet food.

Overall, it was a great trip and a good haul! 🙂 We were so happy to be able to get there to spend some time with them before Christmas got here. Hopefully, after things slow down a bit, we can get both families together for a “holiday” dinner.

Here are some photos of the crazy pets…if these animals are any indication, we are in for it when we have kids there for the holidays. They’re going to love the H’s and totally ignore TH and I while we’re there, just like our dog does. 🙂

Toby checking out Mrs. H's new holiday area rug.

Toby checking out her new metal water bowl.

Toby hoping that her cousin will drop that ball so that Mr. H will throw it for her.

This week gets a little crazy for me as I work several late shifts and won’t see much of the husband, but I’m super excited about Christmas next weekend and seeing my lovely little niece sing in the Christmas program. It’s going to be a great week, I can feel it!


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