Barbados – Day 1: Travel

It’s finally here. Our anniversary trip to Barbados! Due to direct flight issues out of Knoxville when booking, we decided to drive to Nashville and stay at the Radisson on Friday night so we could easily make our 6am American Airlines flight on Saturday morning.

Obviously, those of you in Tennessee know that we stumbled across some weather on Friday and T and I acted as straight up storm chasers as we made our way through the Cumberland Plateau and Crab Orchard as the worst of it was hitting. Dumb idea? Maybe, but that’s how much we were desperate to make this trip.

We made it with no problems save some colossal down pouring. The Radisson was a mad house and our room wasn’t stellar, but all we needed to do was rest our heads for a few hours so we could park our car there for the week and be on our way. We made the flight in Nashville, no problem. Connected in Miami, no problem. Landed in Barbados, no problem. Cleared customs, no problem. Got a cab, no problem. Made it to the hotel, no problem. And thus, our vacation began.

We are staying at the Ocean 2 Barbados through a Marriott timeshare getaway. The other option here was the Divi Beach Resort. It appears as if there might be pluses and minuses to both, but our room is INCREDIBLE. I told T I was going to take photos for when we start house hunting and use this as a starting point for our realtor. This layout, just a little stretched out with a couple more rooms and maybe a basement, would work spectacularly. I love the bedroom and the bathroom. And, honestly, we may never shower again unless we can get one of these raining shower heads. Pretty cool if you ask me.

We were pretty beat when we actually got in, and it was a little rainy (a shower here, a shower there), so we took a walk to scope out the area in the map we had (linked here) and find some not-so-expensive dinner for our first night. We ate at a the bar part of a Brazillian Steak house. Bub had a flying fish sandwich and I had Mahi-Mahi fish sticks. He drank Banks beer and I had a really terrible banana margarita (more like several banana flavored gold tequila shots). We also stopped at a little market to pick up some cereal, milk and wine. Then made our way to the room for bed….just seven minutes after 9 pm Bajan time. (WHAT?!?!? We’d been up since 3am Nashville time.)

Also, it’s pretty cool that today (March 4th) we’ve been married 365 days, but tomorrow is our one year anniversary. We are celebrating both nights. 🙂

Photos to follow later!


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