Barbados – Day 3: City Explorers and Fine Diners

As it turns out, a little hiccup in our planning worked out rather favorably!

We found out this morning our tour was for sure canceled today, but that they had rescheduled us fr tomorrow…woo hoo! I was majorly stressed about it, as I so badly wanted to swim with the turtles (even though I’m a little nervous about it), but once the trip was secured, I felt a lot better.

Instead of laying by the beach again today in the height of the heat, we decided to give our skin a break and venture into Bridgetown. After a short taxi ride with the resident hotel taxi driver (an original Bajan, transplanted to NYC and Harlem, then to the Bronx, then back to Barbados after his car dealership had some trouble where he met his now-ex-wife and started his taxi business) who told us all about how the organized tours are a crock, we landed right in the middle of the capital city of Barbados. It was a bustling place with lots of people and shops.

We walked around, bought a painting from a street vendor, made our way into the malls where we bought some jewelry, hot sauce, our Christmas ornament, and some guava cheese. We also got hustled again to buy puka shell necklaces. The pitches were a little better…one guy gave me a flower and another said, “Give a little guy a little chance.” haha.

After we’d had our fill of shopping, we had lunch at a restaurant near the harbor where we sat and watched the boats and people mill about. I had a burger and salad and T had another flying fish sandwich. The restaurant was owned by a very boisterous man with yellow (yes, yellow, not blond) hair. The food was good and the prices were about the best we’ve seen so far.

After lunch, we called a cab and took a scenic drive back to our hotel. I was turned around a bit, but once I got my bearings I realized our dinner options were quite expansive if we were willing to walk a little further. Also on this drive, there was a little traffic, so I was able to sight see a bit. I found two homes that T and I may be interested in purchasing (both orange with white trim). So if you’d like to donate to the fund, let me know and I’ll send you an email (Dear Gentlemans and Ladies…I am from American, but need to make a funds transfer….you know the drill…pay up…). If you want to help out, you will always have a place to stay!

When we got back to the hotel, we trekked to the market again for snacks and soda. Bub got some Coke Light…we think it’s a mix between Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Definitely not Diet Coke though…and I got standard Sprite Zero. Tastes like the real thing to me.

When we got back, we suited up and headed to the beach. We both had on orange and white swimsuits with Tennessee hats…one of the hotel staff said we were looking good in our matching outfits. I was super pleased. We laid on the beach for a bit watching the surf rise and drinking silver rum and pineapple juice. When we got hot, we moved to the pool (it was a red flag beach day). We met a water sport instructor named O’Neil who tried to convince us to try wind surfing…after he told us a story about his friend who was doing that very thing when a barracuda jumped out of the water and bit his Achilles tendon in half…no thanks! O’Neil called me a softy, but I’ll keep all my tendons intact, thank you. O’Neil said he watched a ton of ESPN and was interested in whether our team was good or not. We said, “Used to be…” but we’re able to talk up the tailgating experience. He had a friend who had been to a Titans game. We told him SEC tailgating and girls were top notch. He said he would love to get there sometime to see that. I told T if someone told me I could live in paradise and have access to my own private plane for travel home as often as I wanted and I didn’t really have to work, but I could never do another tailgate again, I might consider taking that deal…he said he wasn’t sure. 🙂

After we tuckered ourselves out at the pool, we came up to shower and get ready for dinner. We ate our anniversary dinner at Sweet Potatoes. Now, the name of the restaurant caught my attention more than anything being the southern girl that I am, but we were not disappointed. The food here was the best of the week and way less expensive than what we expected.

T ordered a glass do white wine at first, White Zin and Chardonnay were his choices. He asked for red. None was available. So he asked for rum and pineapple. No pineapple juice. So the waitress brought him two rum and OJs on the house. I had a Honey Pork Chop with macaroni pie and T had a tuna steak with sweet potato mash. Both meals came with some veggies on the side. We had banana flambé with coconut ice cream on top for dessert. (Kelly, the crispy bits on this dessert were not to be denied…) So so so so delicious. Even though the meal sounds super decadent, and it was rich and tasty, the portion sizes were great and I left without feeling overly stuffed. After our walk back to the hotel, I felt pretty good. Happy with a full belly.

We topped the night off sitting on our balcony listening to the waves crash intermittently accompanied by some not-so-terrible karaoke.

This has been an amazing anniversary day. Truly incredible.

(For those of you wondering, I’m blogging during time in our room when we are napping or lazing around resting out of the sun so don’t stress that I’m a little tuned in. The free Wi-Fi is providing just the right mix of checking out and checking in. We really love it here and may not come back.)


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