Barbados – Day 2: Beach Bums

Yesterday, we slept super late (about 7am Barbados time, 6am Knoxville time, 5am Nashville time)…so really by late, I mean long since we went to bed at 9pm. We got up and had some breakfast cereal on the patio as we listened to the ocean. T had Cocoa Rice Krispies and I had Pops. Then we put on our swimmies and headed to the beach….where we stayed until lunchtime…drinking fruity rum drinks.

We almost got rooked into buying $50 Bajan worth of chinsy beach jewelry. Here is how that went down….a local came up to us and started chatting. He gave us some fliers for local attractions and then asked why we were traveling here. He said, “Oh….it’s your anniversary….I’m going to give you a present!” (I knew from St. Kitts that give means sell you something you didn’t really want by confusing you with an awkward exchange…but nonetheless it went on.) First he asked my favorite color. I said purple. He pulled two of the cheapest purple puka shell type bead necklaces (that I could have bought myself from a quarter machine at the grocery store) and handed them to me. Then he asked T his favorite team. T, of course said, The Vols. The local asked what color they are. T said orange and white. So then he pulled out the another necklace, to the same degree of cheap, that was clay orange, light blue and white…barely passing for Lady Vols colors…and sized up T’s wrist and cut the bracelet to fit him perfectly clasping it on him. At this point, I said, “How much?” The local made a joke about how he knew I was the boss and that he would give us a good deal. I looked to T to fix it and he said, “I wasn’t aware it was happening.” Then guy says some jumbled words about pricing, T said he has no money and the guy said,”Take a walk to your room and I’ll wait.” He then walked away to start hassling other beach layers. We decided to give the bracelets back, because we obviously didn’t want them, it was just funny how forceful yet sly this guy was. He’d almost tricked us into spending a good sum on stuff we didn’t want for a ridiculous price just because he confused us. Thankfully, T didn’t have his wallet on him or I’m pretty sure he might’ve bought them to avoid the awkward return…it happened in St. Kitts folks…they’ve got an eye for him! He’s so sweet and friendly people just want to talk to him…but we weren’t getting rooked this time…world travelers that we are!

It’s not that I’m against peddlers. Make your money how you will…and if you’ve got something totally locally Bajan that I can’t get anywhere else…you might sell me. But when you’re selling stuff that I can find at the local dollar store or Oriental Trading Company, you can just keep walking!

We headed to the St. Lawrence Steak and Pizza Hut for lunch…not really an actual Pizza Hut, but a hut that served pizza and steak and fish and fruity drinks, etc. I had a flying fish sandwich and T had a personal pizza and more both had more rum drinks.

After lunch we went back to the pool where we promptly parked our rears until dinner time.

We showered after enjoying a little relaxation time on our private balcony then made our way to dinner at Harlequin ( We didn’t make a reservation, but when we showed up they said if we could eat in an hour and 45 minutes, they had a table for us. Done! So we ate there. The atmosphere was great and the food was good, plus we got to eat outside and the weather here is perfect!

I had a seafood crepe and T had a Creole King Fish. Both came with rice and veggie. For dessert, we had a breadpudding with rum sauce. Pricey overall, but yummy.

After dinner, we enjoyed a nice walk back to our hotel and a relaxing evening in the quiet. Unfortunately, we got a message from Glory Tours that our tour for today had been canceled due to boat problems (Boo!) so now we have to wait to hear our rain plan and when we will be able to make the tour. So frustrating, but still glad to be in paradise. šŸ™‚ Especially hearing that it’s 44 in Knoxville!

My camera hook up isn’t working with my iPad, so I won’t be posting any photos until we get home. Sorry!


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