Barbados – Day 4: Experience Barbados

We were up at am ’em early this morning. Our pick up time for our excursion to Experience Barbados was at 8am. So no lazing around for us!

I got up a little earlier than planned today so I could take a hot shower. Though our hotel is seriously amazing and our room/suite is super comfortable, we were having some hot water problems. Not a total nuisance and barely a complaint because of how awesome everything else is, we were getting lukewarm and best and chilly at worst so it was a little difficult to scrub off that layer of spray sunscreen we’ve developed (we’ve used three bottles of it since arriving). This morning though, they had restored hot water and it felt amazing…the shower even has two windows in it you can tilt out so the fresh beach air circulates through. It was like showering outside…fresh cool beach air and a hot shower is just about as good as it gets!

We had cereal again for breakfast before we headed out. I had Fruit Loops and T had Apple Jacks. We did this, not because we don’t want to try to local breakfast, but because we have explored the menus and felt like we’d rather save our funds for dinner, dessert and drinks (lunch is included in two of our excursions). We will probably try this local place tomorrow called the Coffee Bean. We found a place like that in St. Kitts that was pretty reasonable and tasty, so I’ve got hi hopes. But we ARE on vacation so if we want to eat kids cereal, we will!

After breakfast, we got picked up for the tour. It included a stop at Earthworks pottery (an operation run vey much like my dad used to work), a stop at the botanical gardens (an Ijams Nature Center type place, only tropical) and a drive around the island filled with fun facts. We didn’t see where Rhianna grew up though. When the rest of the tour stopped for lunch, we took a different route and went to swim with the sea turtles.

At first, it was a little terrifying because we were snorkeling and I haven’t done that in forever. At first, I felt like I was going to drown. Not being able to breath out of my nose….the only means of oxygen mouth breathing through basically a straw with salt water all around…it took some getting used to. Though once we got the hang of it, it was seriously the coolest thing ever. These turtles were huge and just swimming around…like right under and beside you! We both touched one…their shells were very smooth and soft. We rode out to where they were in a glass bottom boat. Then it just dropped anchor and we snorkeled around waiting for them to swim up to us. We did that for an hour or so then rode over to a shipwreck. We were supposed to snorkel there, but there were about 1,000 fish and I decided I didn’t want to be in the middle of them. It wasn’t that impressive. The sea turtles though, I can’t tell you how cool that was. If you get the opportunity to do that, definitely try it. T loved it. He got such a kick out of it. He was determined to touch one while we were there. When he did, I knew I had to. It was so much fun waiting for them to come to you then by you and trying to touch their shells. They were so friendly and funny. It was seriously cool!

After that, we got brought back to our hotel and we made our way to lunch across the street at the Coffee Bean/Ocean 15 where we both had cheeseburgers and french because we were starving! (Remember, we’d only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast! I was certain our tour was to include lunch, but it didn’t. The tour guide actually told me they only do lunch for the full day tours, so I didn’t argue, but T and I thought that if you pick someone up at 8am and don’t bring them home until 3:30pm, and you don’t consider that a full day, then you should probably reevaluate. I think what happened is we booked a trip that they took off the site AFTER we booked it, then she lost our reservation and had to redo it. Because you all know me, and we wanted to do a full day tour of the island, so thats what I booked, and if I was booking a full day, I’d make sure lunch was included…but oh well, the tour was great and it worked out fine even if our meal schedules were a bit off afterwards.)

We went down to the pool for a little bit even though it was later in the day and the sun was mostly gone. We watched the sunset…which is certainly beautiful, but milky and pastel instead of bright and vibrant as I was expecting…but like I said, certainly beautiful.

When the sun went completely down, we went back to the room to shower and get ready for dinner. Since we’d had such a late/big lunch, I wasn’t that hungry so we sat on the balcony for a while listening to the waves and the distant karaoke.

When we did head to dinner, we had no plans for a destination so we just walked into St. Lawrence Gap to figure it out.

As we were walking, we ran into a couple we met on the plane (they were from Maine). She was next to me in the aisle seat and her husband was in the aisle seat across the aisle. We didn’t talk much during the three hour plane ride, but as we landed, we began talking to see if they had any ideas about what to do while we were here (so we were sure not to miss anything). They were planning to do London in July (to visit their daughter) and Aruba on the Summer next year (for two weeks), so we figured they might’ve done some research. We chatted with them in the customs line and then went our separate ways. After we got ourselves situated, and decided to head to dinner on Sunday, we ran into them again. So it was funny that we ran into them again last night. They are very nice. He is an alumni of UT even with a public health degree. So it’s a very small and funny world. When we ran into them last night, we asked about the brewery tour they had told us they were planning to do and the husband laughed so hard. He said, “Oh, that’s perfect! Tell them about the tour!” As it turns out, she had booked a tour for Banks Brewery that is no longer on the island, but in London. So that was pretty funny…I told her not to feel bad because I tried to do the same thing in St. Kitts with Carib Brewery. It was just so funny how he teased her, it reminded me of something Tanner would do. We hope to run into them again before we leave…it’s just nice to see friendly, familiar places. Plus they give us good ideas about what to eat and where to go. They were out just looking for dessert, so we suggested Sweet Potatoes and the banana flambé with coconut ice cream. They said they might try it out, and we laughed when we saw them there.

Since we couldn’t find anywhere we wanted to eat (since I wasn’t that hungry), we headed back towards the hotel. We ended up eating at the St. Lawrence Steak and Pizza Hut again. T had Chicken Joanne (which was basically chicken parm) and I had a salad and some fettuccini Alfredo). We sat for a long time at dinner (because service here isn’t extremely quick or attentive here), but it was a nice night so we didn’t mind.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and crashed. We are filling our days with activity or sun, so we stop, it’s hard not to just fall asleep! But the early bed times are making for early mornings which means we have a lot of daytime to explore.


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