Barbados – Day 6: Rum Tour

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning, so I blogged for a bit. When T got up, I told him I was in search of a proper breakfast.

We called the front desk and they sent us to Happy Days, a little place in the (created-for-tourists) chattel village just down from our hotel. T ordered a proper English breakfast with sausage, eggs, toast and baked beans. I had pancakes and bacon. It was a nice breakfast and pretty reasonably priced.

After breakfast, we went to the Dover market to restock T on Coke Light and get me some yogurt for breakfast today. We decided not to go to the pool even though we had a couple hours before our pick up for the Rum Tour because we didn’t want to get all sweaty and sandy and then be the stinky kids on the tour, plus T needed a break from the sun knowing we were going to spend the day on the beach today. We just hung out in the room for a while…I did a little accounting to see where we were on our trip and sorted through the things we’d be taking through customs.

We got picked up for our tour at 11:15a and headed to the bottling plant (that’s right, bottling plant…I thought we were touring the actual distillery and would get to see how it was all done, but it was a little different). At the bottling plant they gave us free rum punch and then allowed us to hang at the bar for a bit…where drinks were not free…and then began the tour. We walked through a little display museum where our tour guide gave us the run down of the displays and photos, then they took us to a little theater to show us a short video about how rum is made…from sugar cane farming to molasses to distilling to bottling and labeling. When that was over, we did a tasting of three of their dark rums. The fourth and most expensive rum, you had to pay to taste and we decided we didn’t want to know if we liked it… 🙂 After the tasting they let us walk into the bottling room, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures…not sure why though because they weren’t doing anything. We saw a couple boxes on a conveyer belt, but that’s about it. And that ended the tour.

After the tour, we had lunch there. A huge lunch and we ate our tickets worth…there was BBQ Chicken Thighs, Grilled Marlin, Red Beans and Rice, Macaroni Pie, salad and homemade dressing, fresh vegetables and….finally some local food…breadfruit. They had that on the island of St. Kitts and Nevis too, but I never got to try it, so I was thrilled they were serving it only this lunch. It basically tastes likes a potato though…still good. For dessert, they served banana bread with rum and raisin ice cream and a creamy rum sauce.

Like I said, the tour was fine, but we paid a pretty good sum for it and I would have preferred if we had seen things a little more up close and personal besides watching a movie I could have seen in our room, but we got a huge dinner and we made sure to eat our tickets worth of it. I would recommend it on an overcast day, and definitely the lunch tour, but overall it wasn’t stellar. The people we met on the tour were more interesting to me than anything. We met two couples traveling here together from Canada. They had been here/were staying four weeks…so crazy. And the other couple we met (we think they were a couple) were two very well traveled British men…and odd looking duo…who regaled us with their travels to Cuba, the Dominican, and a number of other places. (By the way, everyone here has been to Cuba and can’t understand why we can’t go there…it’s pretty funny.)

When lunch was over, we purchased our customs allowance of rum, and got on the bus to head back to the resort. Since it was late in the day, we headed down to the beach and stayed there until it was time to come up for dinner.

Slightly disappointed in the restaurant selection within walking distance to our hotel, aside from the amazing ones I’ve already mentioned, we decided to venture out a little further. We went to Tapas, about a 10 minute, $20BBD cab ride away. Obviously, it was a tapas restaurant, but it was situated right of the boardwalk so we were able to see and hear the ocean pretty well. We ordered four tapas between us: shark fritters, Singapore beef rolls (with rice noodles, carrots and beef inside), olive bombs (olives stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in mozzarella cheese then fried with a batter), and spinach and mozzarella croquettes which I think had some sort of potato in them as well. They were served with a a sweet chili sauce, teriyaki sauce, a thin tomato based sauce, and a Dijon mayonnaise type sauce, respectively. For dessert, we had Tapas Dame Blanche, which was a flourless chocolate brownie with maple almond ice cream with a chocolate shell. It was pretty tasty, but we couldn’t tell if the ice cream was really maple almond, because, if it was, it was very faint. The whole meal was good though, just what we were looking for to restore our faith in the Barbados restaurant scene. (Though, the general consensus has been that no one has eaten anywhere AMAZING, besides Pices, of course.)

After dinner, we took a short walk on the boardwalk then took a cab home where we sat on the balcony until we were ready for bed.

It’s a a little hazy today but it should clear off before too long. I am sad it’s our last day here because with the ability to check in via Facebook and Twitter and having access to my home email, I’ve been slightly more relaxed than in St. Kitts where we had very little communication with home. I was thrilled to be able to find out that my little sister passed her first CPA exam! Also, we found out that our friend who was going over to crate Winnie so Miss Sharon could come yesterday was unable to even get near my precious feline and ended up having to lock him in our bedroom…he must really be an ass when I’m not around because this friend is basically a cat whisperer…too funny, but I couldn’t help like feel like the was sad to be alone and mad at us for being gone so long. He does have a bit of separation anxiety. I wish we could stay a few more days, but I know our bank accounts and families are ready for us to come home….plus we miss our little Toby girl too.

Today we are beach bums again. We will head down after breakfast and park there until lunch where we will walk across to the market for deli sandwiches. My only goal today is to find us a good restaurant for our last dinner here. 🙂 Stay warm friends!


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